‘The Batman’: Colin Farrell Reveals Why He Feels No Ownership Over The Penguin

Colin Farrell credits one person for the DC role!

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The Batman star Colin Farrell breaks down why he feels no ownership over the role of The Penguin.

Colin Farrell won the hearts of fans overnight thanks to his role as Oswald Cobblepot in The Batman. Now. Farrell’s solo series in Max is one of the most anticipated DC projects in years, with many considering him the perfect person to play the villainous character. However, Farrell feels no ownership over the role of The Penguin.

“I have never had such less ownership for a character that I’ve played than this one, ” Farrell told Entertainment Tonight. “This show wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Mike Marino creating the visage of that fella.”

For those unaware, Mike Marino was the prosthetics designer for both The Penguin and Joker in The Batman. He certainly played a huge role in transforming Colin Farrell into the iconic character, making him almost indistinguishable from how he usually looks. Yet, while he certainly deserves some credit, Farrell also deserves his flowers for a stellar performance.

The Future Of ‘The Batman’ Universe

The Batman was one of the biggest hits with comic book fans in years, breathing new life into a character many had seen as stale for over a decade. The series is currently set to continue with The Penguin this fall, following the rise of Colin Farrell’s Oswald Cobblepot after the events of the first movie.

A sequel to The Batman is also in production. While originally set to come out in 2025, the film has been delayed into 2026 due to delays caused by last year’s Hollywood strikes. Filming for the sequel reportedly won’t start for another year, with casting taking place this fall.

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