‘The Batman 2’ Rumor Reveals Casting & Filming Start Dates For DC Movie

When will The Batman return?

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Fans have been eagerly awaiting any news about The Batman Part II. However, a new rumor suggests that fans may have to wait a while for any updates on the sequel.

The Batman was exactly what DC fans needed after a series of back to back to back disappointments. With the film over tripling its budget at the box office, it’s no shock a sequel was announced not too long after, with The Batman Part II eyeing a 2025 release.

However, last year’s Hollywood strikes greatly delayed progress on the film’s script, leading to The Batman sequel eventually getting delayed into 2026. This already broke the hearts of fans excited for The Batman Part II. However, according to insider Jeff Sneider in his newsletter, the film isn’t even set to begin filming for another full year until April 2025. Casting also isn’t expected to take place before this fall.

The Batman Universe Continues To Expand

While The Batman Part II may not be coming for another two years, that doesn’t mean that projects within the universe aren’t getting made. The Penguin, which is a spin-off taking place after the events of The Batman, comes out this fall and is set to serve as a semi-sequel to the film.

A GCPD police procedural is also set to be coming to Max sometime soon. The series, as described by Matt Reeves back in 2022, would serve as prequel to The Batman rather than a sequel. While the show has been put on indefinite hold due to creative disputes between Reeves and HBO, the project is said to still be in development.

Matt Reeves is also working on DC projects outside of The Batman universe. One of the most highly anticipated projects set to come to Max is a series based off Arkham Asylum. While the show was originally set in The Batman continuity, James Gunn revealed that the project is now a part of the main DC Universe and is still in active development.

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