‘The Boys’ Composer Speaks On Making Music For ‘Diabolical’ Versus ‘Gen V’ (Exclusive)

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Matt Bowen is a composer best known for his work in The Boys universe. During a recent interview, Bowe broke down the differences between scoring for a live-action show like Gen V compared to an animated project like The Boys: Diabolical.

One of the most underappreciated parts of The Boys is the amazing music that underscores each episode of the show. Much of that music comes from the minds of Matt Bowen and Christopher Lennertz, who serve as lead composers on Gen V and worked on two episodes of the animated spin-off The Boys: Diabolical.

Heroic Hollywood was recently able to sit down with Matt Bowen to discuss his work in The Boys universe. During our talk, Bowen was asked about how his recent work on Gen V differed from past projects like The Boys: Diabolical and if he’d ever want to return to the world of animation again:

You’ve also worked on The Boys: Diabolical, which is an animated show. Do you find it different composing for animation versus live action?

“Absolutely. I don’t know if this is a universal rule with animation but on Diabolical specifically, we were able to score stuff more tightly, and hit stuff a lot more than we would on The Boys. On Gen V, our sensibility about hitting things has to be very subtle. And when we were working on Diabolical we could be a little more on the nose on how we were scoring it.”

Would you ever want to return to that world of animation and explore that pool again?

“Absolutely. I mean, I love, not to — this almost sounds like a cop-out, the thing that I like the most about composing if I were to zoom all the way out is the variety that – how different projects are and the different music that I write because of it.”

“I look at some of these tracks that I’ve written and, not to hold them up on a pedestal, but sometimes I do think ‘Wow, that’s, it’s so cool that this project existed that created the inspiration for this track. This is something I would have never thought of in a million years if I’m just sitting by myself in my studio, but if I’m reacting to somebody else’s creation – and now I’ve created this.’ So, just to narrow back in on your question about animation, I mean absolutely, whether it’s kids or adult or TV or long-form. It’s all interesting to me.”

It’s currently unclear if The Boys: Diabolical will receive a season 2 on Amazon Prime Video. While producer Seth Rogen has confirmed the company has bought scripts for a potential follow-up season, no release date or confirmation has been announced yet. Conversely, following a successful freshman year, The Boys’ most recent spin-off Gen V has been renewed for a second season.

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