’The Flash’ 3.01 ”Flashpoint” Review: Barry Vs Flashpoint

The Flash finally returned after what felt like the longest hiatus ever since the Season 2 finale back in May. After Barry’s decision to change the course of history by saving his mother from Eobard Thawne, everything was changed in this Flashpoint timeline. In this new timeline, Barry is living happily with both of his very alive parents, but that happiness came with a price or two. We discover that Wally West is now The Flash (or as everyone prefers to call him, Kid Flash), as he had a similar origin story to how he got his speed and is now dealing with the villainous The Rival.

Iris, who is the character that was the least changed (which I mean in a good way), still has a strong bond with Barry, even though the two have to start over from the beginning in their relationship. However, Joe West is a completely different story as he has been drastically changed. As Barry starts to feel the downside of the Flashpoint universe, Eobard informs him that the only way to restore order is for Barry to let Eobard go back in time and kill Nora.

The more Barry refuses to and the more he uses his speed, the quicker he will lose his memories from the original timeline. With something as big as Flashpoint, we have a lot to discuss so let’s breakdown some of the premiere’s highlights and important moments. Hit the NEXT button below and go through The Flash’s season three opener: “Flashpoint”

#5: The Flashpoint Version Of Team Flash

#4: Enter Kid Flash

#3: Barry & Iris’s Powerful Bond In Any Reality    

#2: Eobard Thawne & His Victory

#1: The Twist Ending

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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