Three More Easter Eggs Confirmed In ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’

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For all of you eagle eyed fans out there who love their easter eggs, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did not disappoint. Chalk full of Latin Watchmen references, Riddler question marks, and even some glass that was shaped like Ontario, it seems like we will never get through the full list of all the extra goodies hidden in the movie. And now, we can add even more confirmed eggs to the list.

Clay Enos, the photographer for Dawn of Justice and friend of Zack Snyder, took to Twitter to confirm not one, not two, but three more easter eggs hidden throughout the epic DC film.

The first egg can be seen on Anatoli Knyavez’s janitorial shirt. The name on the shirt and the logo are both actually names of the movie’s crew, which Enos confirmed were legally cleared for the film. Enos also notes these are “half easter eggs”.

Next up, Enos confirms that the canisters of Kryptonite that Batman arms himself with that read Pb, actually stands for Lead. For those of you who haven’t gotten to high school chemistry yet, Pb is the symbol for lead on the periodic table of elements. According to Enos, “nothing happens by accident in Zack’s movies”.

Lastly, the third easter egg is a reference to Cyborg. In the film, the Mother Box that created the hero had a government ID tag of 61982. Now, let’s ignore for a second the fact that June 19th is my birthday (I’m guessing that probably isn’t what Snyder was referring to), and focus on the fact that Cyborg appeared in Tales of New Teen Titans #1, which was released in June of 1982. Below is the confirmation from Enos.

Well, there you have it. Six months later and we’re still discovering new easter eggs from Dawn of Justice. Now the real question is – does the movie contain an easter egg that Snyder will continue hiding from fans, like James Gunn and his infamous final easter egg in Guardians of the Galaxy that nobody has found yet? Chances are, more will be discovered as time goes on.

Make sure to go back and rewatch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on DVD and Blu-Ray, since it’s out and you can do that now! And make sure to comment below if you find any other cool little gems hiding throughout the movie.

Source: Twitter

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