Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Fights Ezekiel Sims In ‘Madame Web’ Concept Art

The cameo that could have been!

Tom Holland Dakota Johnson Madame Web Spider-Man Cameo

Was Tom Holland originally meant to cameo in Madame Web? New concept art from artist Sebastian Meyer reveals Spider-Man’s cut cameo from the film.

Madame Web was Sony’s latest attempt to make a film about Spider-Man’s supporting cast without the webhead himself. However, it seems that wasn’t always the plan. A new set of concept art for the film reveals that Tom Holland was planned to make an appearance at some point in production.

The concept art itself shows Tom Holland’s Spider-Man facing off against Tahar Rahim’s Ezekiel Sims. The two seem to be falling from the sky over New York in the first image, while the other shows them tumbling down the side of Sims’ tower as seen in his flashforward sequences in Madame Web.

Tom Holland’s Scrapped Role In Madame Web

It’s impossible to tell exactly what this concept art would have meant for Tom Holland’s role in Madame Web. However, Spider-Man likely played a larger role in the original draft of the film than just a cameo. After all, there wouldn’t be a scene of him sparring with Ezekiel Sims if he wasn’t relevant to the plot.

Given set photos confirm Madame Web was set in the early 2000s, and the film even features the birth of Peter Parker, it’s possible this concept art reveals Ezekiel Sims’ original motivations. Instead of hunting down the three Spider-Woman for killing him in the future, he was going to hunt down Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to kill him as a baby.

Putting that together, it’s clear why this concept art never made it to the screen. While Spider-Man can go to some dark places, seeing Tom Holland’s version of the character murder Ezekiel Sims and having the main villain try to murder a baby probably wasn’t the press Madame Web needed. Though given the press the film ultimately ended up getting, it might have been the press it deserved.

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