Spider-Man Has Unexpected Tony Stark Tech In New ‘Far From Home’ Trailer

Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man Spider-Man Tom Holland Peter Parker Avengers Endgame Infinity War Marvel MCU Far From Home

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is seen wearing Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark signature shades paying tribute to the hero in the new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer.

A new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer dropped today with lots of new footage with Tom Holland returning as the famous web-slinger. Not only did the new trailer for Far From Home introduce audiences to the film’s new villain, but it also had many scenes that referenced the events in Avengers: Endgame and Tony Stark’s Iron Man. Iron Man was a big part of Tom Holland’s introduction to the MCU and the hero’s superhero life and in this new trailer, there is a small glimpse of Spider-Man using some of Tony Stark’s old tech. Below you can see the image of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker using Tony’s old tech-wear in the new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer.


Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man Tony Stark MCU Avengers Endgame Spider-Man Far From Home Tom Holland Peter Parker MCU Marvel Kevin Feige

During a brief moment in the new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, Peter Parker can be seen wearing the same shades Tony Stark wore in Avengers: Infinity War. These shades are more than regular as Tony Stark was able to use them to contact his AI, Friday, for help. Perhaps, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will do the same during the events in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Not only would it be amazing to see Tom Holland carry on Robert Downey Jr.’s legacy by using his Stark tech, but it would also be useful for Peter Parker when he needs help as Spider-Man.

What do you think of Spider-Man using Tony Stark’s shades? Do you hope to see Spider-Man pay tribute to Iron Man in Far From Home? Share your thoughts below!

Here is the official synopsis for Spider-Man: Far From Home:

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.

Directed by Jon Watts from a script written by Chris McKenna & Erik Sommers, Spider-Man: Far From Home stars Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Tony Revolori, Martin Starr, Numan Acar, J.B. Smoove, Oli Hill, Remy Hii, Marisa Tomei, Michael Keaton, Jon Favreau, Cobie Smulders, and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.

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