‘X-Men’ Star Tye Sheridan Talks The Future Of The Cyclops In The MCU

Tye Sheridan would happily reprise his Cyclops role under one condition.

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X-Men star Tye Sheridan opened up about his thoughts on the MCU recasting Cyclops and bringing a new team of mutants to the big screen.

After previously playing Cyclops in X-Men: Apocalypse and X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Tye Sheridan recently revealed that he’d be open to reprising the role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as long as it stayed true to the themes of the comics. During an interview with ComicBook.com, the Cyclops actor explained that any further adaptions of the X-Men should still largely revolve around those who haven’t been accepted by society.

“I think it depends a lot on the circumstances and the situation, who’s involved, and, but of course, I think that the X-Men stands for something that’s really meaningful, you know? And, it’s about, you know, it’s largely about a group of people who haven’t been accepted by society and I think that that still has a lot of resonance in our culture today, in society today and that was, for me, I think that’s why we all love the X-Men.

They’re cool movies and they have cool characters with super powers but also there are a lot of deeper themes and messages in that franchise that I really appreciate and respect. So as long as we were staying in that realm, you know, of course, I would be open to working and reprising my role further.”

Although X-Men star Tye Sheridan was honored to play Cyclops alongside a new generation of mutants, he explained that he wouldn’t have a problem with the MCU recasting the role for a different take on the characters that would fit the existing universe. The actor pointed out that as long as Marvel Studios does the team justice it wouldn’t be problematic to see new versions of the X-Men heroes, including Cyclops.

“No one really owns those characters right? I was excited and honored to play Scott Summers after James Marsden. I always looked up to that guy and I always thought he was super cool in those movies and a good guy and a great actor and I think a lot of people would probably have…

They’re part of the X-Men franchise now, probably feel the same way towards, all the actors that played the roles before them, it’s just, I think it’s an honor to kind of fill the shoes if something that’s great or someone that’s great. I don’t think I would feel weird, you know, as long as it… I think they’re doing, the cast is doing, the story justice and they’re doing the X-Men world justice.”

What do you think about Tye Sheridan’s thoughts about X-Men in the MCU? Are you excited to see mutants make their debut next to the Avengers? Who do you think should play Cyclops going forward? Sound-off in the comments below!

Here is the official synopsis for X-Men: Dark Phoenix:

This is the story of one of the X-Men’s most beloved characters, Jean Grey, as she evolves into the iconic DARK PHOENIX. During a life-threatening rescue mission in space, Jean is hit by a cosmic force that transforms her into one of the most powerful mutants of all. Wrestling with this increasingly unstable power as well as her own personal demons, Jean spirals out of control, tearing the X-Men family apart and threatening to destroy the very fabric of our planet. The film is the most intense and emotional X-Men movie ever made. It is the culmination of 20 years of X-Men movies, as the family of mutants that we’ve come to know and love must face their most devastating enemy yet — one of their own.

Written and directed by Simon Kinberg, X-Men: Dark Phoenix stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Evan Peters, and Jessica Chastain.

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Source: ComicBook.com

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