Universal Studios Florida Characters Will Wear Masks As Park Reopens

Universal Studios Florida Reopening Universal Orlando

The characters at Universal Studios Florida will be seen wearing masks as the park is set to reopen at the end of this week.

As the threat of the coronavirus continues to slowly decrease, companies all over the world are getting ready to go back to running a full operation. While it certainly will take some time for things to return to normalcy, companies like Universal Studios Florida is trying its best to maintain its usual offerings. Set to reopen its doors to the public on June 5th, the theme park has debuted how character interactions will work in a world that requires social distancing.

Guests will have to wear face masks, take part in temperature tests, and must adhere to social distancing guidelines while in lines. As for the characters at the park, those not in full body costumes will be seen wearing masks and will continue to maintain social distancing with guests. Guests are still being encouraged to interact and take photos with characters at Universal Studios Florida but will have to do so at a significant distance.

Earlier today, Universal Studios Florida conducted a test run with employees and pictures from the event were posted online to showcase the masks that the characters will be wearing, as well as the social distancing guidelines that they’ll be following.

All the characters, especially those who are wearing masks, are maintaining a perfect amount of social distancing while still remaining in character. All in all, it looks like a perfectly adequate set up for Universal Studios Florida, who will be seen conducting another test run on June 3rd. If all goes well, the park will be open to the public with the new guidelines starting this Friday! Walt Disney World, on the other hand, will be slowly opening its parks in mid-July, with the same strict guidelines that Universal Studios Florida has. However, Disney won’t be allowing character interactions when it opens up.

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