‘Wandavision’ Director Reveals Truth Behind Mephisto Rumors

The truth revealed!

WandaVision Mephisto Scarlet Witch

Was Mephisto ever coming to Westview? Wandavision director Matt Shakman reveals the truth behind one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most popular fan theories.

The rumor that Mephisto was going to appear in Wandavision was a memetic virus that seemed to take the internet by storm when the Disney Plus series first debuted. Fans were convinced the devil himself was going to make his first MCU appearance in the series, which kicked off Marvel’s Disney Plus run. However, according to director Matt Shakman, Mephisto was never in the cards for the series, leaving him confused as to how fans came to the conclusion.

“Marvel was interested in doing television the way that they did movies,” Shakman told Inverse. “We were telling a richer, more character-focused story than the movies can. Almost like those comic runs that I love that go on longer than any movie could ever possibly contain.”

“There were some deep readings of the text that led to certain conclusions that were wrong,” The director continued. “Mephisto was never a part of our plan. So that was a head-scratcher. But hey, he’s a great character.”

Given Mephisto’s history with the Scarlet Witch and her kids, it’s certainly understandable why some fans thought he would appear in Wandavision. However, with hindsight of where the Disney Plus series was going, it was never likely the devil himself would appear in the MCU show. Though it does mean Matt Shakman does have the chance to do the funniest thing imaginable as the director of the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot.

Is WandaVision Season 2 On Standby?

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly recently, Elizabeth Olsen said she would be eager to launch a second season of WandaVision.

Fans have wondered for a long time whether WandaVision might get another season. It appeared to be a standalone story, as its central mystery was resolved and its illusory world erased by the end of its first season. But could a sequel series be in the works?

Talking about WandaVision, Elizabeth Olsen revealed she and the rest of the cast are hoping to reunite for another season:

“We do think, ‘Gosh, we just gotta do it again!’ We just had a really great time making that show, and with Paul, it was really a special time, so we would love to get the gang back.”

The Wanda actress was also asked about the upcoming spin-off series, Agatha: Coven of Chaos, starring Kathryn Hahn. Asked whether Wanda might be appearing in the series, Olsen said “I mean, no, but I would love to pop up. I love Kathryn, I don’t want to leave her side ever, I’m so grateful she’s here tonight.”

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