Why DeWanda Wise Left ‘Captain Marvel’

What went wrong?

Does DeWanda Wise have beef with Marvel? The Jurassic World actress reveals the truth behind her departure from Captain Marvel.

Before her breakout role in Jurassic World, DeWanda Wise was set to play Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel. However, the actress soon left the project, with many sites stating this was due to her not liking Marvel’s approach to filmmaking. However, according to Wise, the rigor of acting in blockbusters was far from her main concern.

“No, but that was a funny headline. I had to exit because it conflicted with Season 2 of She’s Gotta Have It,” Wise explained in a recent interview with The Direct. “It was just both of those things were true at one time. You know what I mean? It was like, can – That was always my question. You know, the concern about acting in blockbusters is not exclusive to Marvel. It’s acting in blockbusters.”

Given the current climate of hate against Marvel movies, and superhero movies in general, it’s not a shock that DeWanda Wise’s statement was taken out of context. It’s a shame that she had to miss out on working on Captain Marvel. Luckily, Lashana Lynch was able to pick up the role, quickly becoming a favorite among fans of the franchise.

Could DeWanda Wise Return To The MCU?

Even though DeWanda Wise missed out on her chance to play Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel, that doesn’t mean she’ll never be in the MCU. When asked if she’d ever be open to playing a different Marvel character, Wise simply stated “Yeah, if the chance came and it was meaty enough.”

Fans have long been lobbying for DeWanda Wise to play Storm in the MCU, with the actress even stating before that she would love to play the part. With the X-Men reboot heading down the pipeline, it may have been for the best that Wise missed out on joining the cast of Captain Marvel, instead being able to take up the mantle of the Mistress of the Elements!

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