Did Michael B. Jordan Tease His MCU Return In ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’?

Welcome back, Killmonger!

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Deadpool and Wolverine may have even more surprises than fans expected! Michael B. Jordan may have potentially teased his return as Erik Killmonger for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

It’s clear that Deadpool and Wolverine has been going out of its way to make itself a love letter to Marvel’s cinematic history. From classic X-Men villains returning to the debut of a viral pop star, it seems there’s no limit to what this movie has in store. Now, another name may have been added to the roster, as Michael B. Jordan recently posted the film’s trailer to his Instagram, potentially hinting at his return to the MCU.

While some may say this is just Michael B. Jordan being as excited for Deadpool and Wolverine as the rest of us, it’s not as clear-cut. Hugh Jackman reposted Jordan’s Instagram story with hearts on his own page. This is similar to his comments toward Channing Tatum earlier this year who, if rumors are to be believed, will appear as Gambit in the film.

Who Will Michael B. Jordan Play In Deadpool And Wolverine?

Of course, just saying Michael B. Jordan might be in Deadpool and Wolverine doesn’t mean much. The question is what role would he play in the film. Given it’s an MCU project, one may point to a version of Killmonger, be it the one from Marvel’s Sacred Timeline or the alternate version from What If…? that served as one of the project’s main antagonists.

However, given Deadpool and Wolverine is a celebration of Fox’s contributions to Marvel film canon, it’s more likely than not Michael B. Jordan would be playing the Human Torch. For those unaware, Jordan played Johnny Storm in the failed Fantastic Four reboot just three years prior to joining the MCU. It could certainly be interesting to see his version of the character get redemption, especially in a film that seems so focused on second chances.

Deadpool and Wolverine is currently expected to be released on July 26, 2024. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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