Will Sasha Calle Return For DC’s ‘Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow’?

Who will play Supergirl?

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Sasha Calle made her DC Universe debut as Supergirl in The Flash. However, despite the positive reactions, Calle’s superhero future is currently unclear with DC Studios working on Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.

It was recently announced that DC Studios has brought on Ana Nogueira as the writer for the upcoming Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow project. This has led many fans to speculate if Sasha Calle, the actress who played Supergirl in The Flash, would return to the role. However, a recent Deadline report about the situation makes it seem unlikely Calle will return to the DC Universe.

“In film, Supergirl was most recently played by Sasha Calle in The Flash. The hope was for Calle to take on a bigger role within the DC Universe but her casting was done under the previous DC Studios administration and before [James] Gunn and [Peter] Safran came in to take over the direction of the comic book films.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean Sasha Calle is out of the running. It’s been reported Ana Nogueira originally wrote a draft for the scrapped Supergirl film spinning off of The Flash, which is what brought the writer to the attention of DC Studios in the first place. This could mean Calle’s involvement in the project could carry over. Though, given there’s been no confirmation of her return, it’s likely fans will see a new actress in Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.

Who Is Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow writer Ana Nogueira?

As Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow begins to take shape under Ana Nogueira’s pen, the project is still in its early stages, with several key components yet to be finalized. The film does not have a director attached, nor has a release date been set, reflecting the recent closure of Nogueira’s deal.

Ana Nogueira may be familiar to readers from her acting stints on The Vampire DiariesThe Michael J. Fox Show and The Blacklist. Beyond her acting achievements, Nogueira has also carved out a successful career in writing. Her play Which Way to the Stage made its off-Broadway debut in 2022. She is also involved in adapting the short story Mothers, Lock Up Your Daughters for Warner Bros. and 21 Laps.

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