‘X-Men ’97’ Episode 7 Brings Back Two Iconic Marvel Villains

The Bastion of Humanity returns!

Beast X-Men '97 Episode 7 Bright Eyes Disney Plus

X-Men ’97 still isn’t out of surprises! Episode 7 of the Disney Plus series reveals the return of two of the most iconic Marvel villains.

Disney Plus hasn’t let up on the gas when it comes to X-Men ’97. Almost every episode of the show has been a non-stop escalation, and episode 7 was no different. Many assumed the series was building up to have Mister Sinister as the true final boss. However, this latest episode revealed the villain had been working in cahoots with the obscure Marvel antagonist Bastion, voiced by Theo James.

In the comics, Bastion was a Super-Sentinel created from the merging of Nimrod and the Master Mold. While he had no memory of his sentinel origins, he did remember one thing: his hatred for mutants. This led to him leading Operation: Zero Tolerance, a government initiative set up to destroy all mutants, a plan clearly used as inspiration for X-Men ’97.

X-Men ’97 Holds A Surprising Return

Bastion isn’t the only Marvel villain to make their grand return in X-Men ’97. Toward the end of episode 7, the Super-Sentinel is seen entering a run-down barbershop. Inside, he finds Magneto, somehow alive following his seeming death during the siege on Genosha.

While fans never thought that X-Men ’97 would ever truly kill off Magneto, it was still a shock to see Bastion have the iconic villain at his mercy. With the series now reaching its endgame, it’s clear the final few episodes will be the Disney Plus event of the season. Now, X-Men fans just need to hope they stick the landing!

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