Zack Snyder Defends Superman Killing Zod In ‘Man of Steel’

Could Superman save Zod?

Should Superman ever have to kill? Zack Snyder defends General Zod’s controversial death in Man of Steel.

Despite Henry Cavill being a beloved Superman actor, Man of Steel remains one of the most controversial superhero projects of all time, filled with just as many baffling moments as it has brilliant ones. One often cited on both sides of this coin was Zack Snyder’s choice to have Superman kill General Zod.

This is the make-or-break moment of Man of Steel for most people. Some say that it’s a brilliant exploration of morality and the sacrifices a hero must sometimes make to protect their chosen home. Others claim that Zack Snyder is a hack for not being able to write himself out of a literal corner. However, it seems Snyder doesn’t think Superman ever had a choice.

Zack Snyder Says His Superman Wasn’t ‘Fake’

Zack Snyder was asked about this controversial moment during the press tour for his recent sequel to Rebel Moon. When breaking down this moment of Man of Steel, Snyder said that General Zod wasn’t going to stop until he died or Henry Cavill’s Superman did, and that any outcome where one of those things didn’t happen would be “fake.”

“He’s not going to stop he wasn’t going to negotiate an outcome, so it was either Zod or us,” Snyder explained to GQ. “And that was pretty much the game. There was no like middle ground. Zod said he would fight until either you kill me or I kill you, that’s the game there’s no like and they’re like but why would you put Superman in that position?”

“I’m like, ‘Well, if Superman can’t handle that position then he’s fake, then he’s not you got to like he’s got to address the scenarios that come to him he can’t pick and choose as you can’t pick and choose when something is outside of your morality.'”

This attitude is exactly what made Man of Steel so controversial. Fans of Zack Snyder praise his ability to bring complex moral situations to a character like Superman. However, others would argue that the very core of Superman is being able to overcome even the most impossible situations. So while Snyder may have his answer, this will likely be a debate the internet will never stop having.

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