See Alan Ritchson Replace Ben Affleck As James Gunn’s DCU Batman In New Concept Design

The perfect casting?

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Is the iconic Reacher star Alan Ritchson coming back to the DC Universe? The actor is currently topping fan-cast lists for who will replace Ben Affleck as Batman at DC Studios.

There’s been a lot of talk about who will take up the mantle of Batman in the new DC Universe now that Ben Affleck has officially been ousted from the role. While little is known about the upcoming Batman: The Brave and The Bold reboot being developed under James Gunn and Peter Safran at DC Studios, Reacher and Titans star Alan Ritchson has recently thrown his hat into the ring to play the Caped Crusader.

This has led many fans to do what they do best when any actor hints at joining a comic book role: make some amazing fan art! (And complain on social media, but mostly the fan art thing). The art below, created by digital artist “Spdrmnkyxxiii” on Instagram, portrays a more realistic version of Batman played by Alan Ritchson, completed with the iconic white lenses:

Alan Ritchson is no stranger to comic book adaptations. He’s previously portrayed Aquaman in Smallville and Justice League: The New Frontier, as well as played Hawk in Titans. He’s even extended outside of the DC Universe, playing Raphael in Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films.

Batman is also far from the only character Alan Ritchson has been called on to play in James Gunn’s DC Universe. Many fans think he’d be perfect to return as Aquaman now that Jason Momoa has been bumped from the role. There are also others who want him to portray Booster Gold in his upcoming MAX series.

What to expect from the Batman movie produced by DC Studios

Regardless of who replaces Ben Affleck as Batman, be it Alan Ritchson or someone else, it’s clear James Gunn wants to take his time in making the project a hit for DC Studios. The project is still working on finding its writer before any casting is done. Hopefully, by the time Gunn sends out the call, the Reacher star is still around to answer!

The Brave and the Bold is set to focus on Bruce Wayne’s iteration of Batman and his son Damian, who serves as the fifth Robin. During the recent DC Studios presentation at the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, California, James Gunn and Peter Safran unveiled their plans to introduce the central Batman character for the broader DC Universe.

While Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of Batman continues in a separate universe helmed by director Matt Reeves, with a scheduled release in October 2025, Warner Bros. is actively seeking a second Dark Knight to anchor their interconnected DC Universe. The inclusion of the Damian Wayne version of Robin also promises an exciting dynamic within Batman mythology.

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