‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ Rumor Teases Marvel’s New Villain Post-Kang

A whole new villain!

Avengers: Secret Wars Marvel Studios

The main villain for Avengers: Secret Wars has seemingly been revealed, but will it allow Marvel to recast Kang the Conqueror?

Fans have been wondering what will become of Avengers: Secret Wars following the firing of actor Jonathan Majors, with many assuming Marvel will recast the character. However, it seems the studio will be going a different direction with Avengers: Secret Wars, with Hollywood insider MyTimeToShineHello suggesting The Beyonder will be the main villain of the MCU movie, serving as an excuse to recast Kang.

Created by Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck, The Beyonder made his first appearance in the pages of 1984’s Secret Wars #1 as a powerful cosmic entity from outside the Marvel multiverse. Known for orchestrating a clash of heroes and villains on his self-made Battleworld, the character later evolved into a more antagonistic figure in Secret Wars II and subsequent Marvel stories.

Early on, there was speculation that the Beyonder himself would turn out to be a Kang variant. However, it seems Marvel may be pivoting from that plan for Avengers: Secret Wars following the Jonathan Majors situation. Here’s to hoping both the recast and this shift in focus will give the MCU a much-needed win at the end of the Multiverse Saga!

The Future of the Avengers Franchise

Avengers 5 is the first movie in a two-part finale to Marvel’s Multiverse Saga. It will be followed by Avengers: Secret Wars, rounding out Marvel Studios’ Phase 6.

Destin Daniel Cretton recently made the decision to step down from his role as the director of the upcoming Avengers 5. However, Destin Daniel Cretton’s departure is not an exit from the Marvel family but rather a realignment of his directorial commitments as he’s focused on Wonder Woman and Shang-Chi 2.

Secret Wars is a crossover event that will bring together characters from all across the Marvel multiverse, so Iron Man’s experience and leadership will be invaluable to the Avengers. Michael Waldron is set to write the upcoming Marvel Studios film Avengers: Secret Wars, but a director has yet to be announced.

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