‘Black Adam’ Star Dwayne Johnson Speaks On Henry Cavill’s Superman Recasting

The Rock calls Henry Cavill a champion!

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Dwayne Johnson made an appearance presenting for the 95th Academy Awards this past weekend. While talking to press before the event, Johnson gave his thoughts on the role of Superman being recast after Henry Cavill’s Black Adam cameo.

Fans were excited for the potential future of Henry Cavill’s Superman after his return in Black Adam, which starred Dwayne Johnson as the titular anti-hero. It has since been confirmed that Cavill will not return as Superman for the upcoming DC Universe movie Superman: Legacy. When asked about the sudden recasting of the hero, Johnson tried to keep a positive spin on things, saying that sometimes a new owner just wants “somebody new.”

“It’s almost like when you have a pro football team, and your quarterback wins championships and the head coach wins championships,” Johnson told Variety “And you have a new owner, and the new owner comes in and says not my coach, not my quarterback, I’m going to go with somebody new.”

Johnson has long been a champion of Cavill’s version of Superman, stating in interviews that he had plans for Cavill in his new era of the DC Universe. However, after Black Adam‘s lackluster performance at the box office, Warner Bros. Discovery decided to take the DC Universe in a different direction by hiring James Gunn and Peter Safran as co-chairs of DC studios.

The new direction of the DC Universe would not see Henry Cavill or Dwayne Johnson reprise their roles for the first chapter of the James Gunn and Peter Safran era. While Gunn has confirmed that he has been in talks to bring Cavill back for a new role, its unclear whether or not Johnson will return as another DC Comics character.

Who is replacing Henry Cavill as Superman?

Henry Cavill’s Superman exit has left many fans disappointed. Cavill’s Superman portrayal in the DC Extended Universe was widely praised, with his performance in Man of SteelBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League earning acclaim from fans. However, rumors of Cavill’s exit from the franchise have been circulating for some time, with reports suggesting that negotiations for a new DCEU contract had broken down.

DC Studios has not revealed who will play the new Superman, but its co-heads James Gunn and Peter Safran are said to be looking for a younger actor to portray the character. The announcement of Superman: Legacy has also sparked a renewed interest in the DC Universe, which has been struggling to find its footing in recent years. DC has been facing stiff competition from Marvel, which has dominated the superhero genre with its interconnected cinematic universe.

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