Chris Hemsworth Presents The Gun Show For ‘Thor: Ragnarok’


Most of the time when you think of a superhero working out for an upcoming film, the first thing that comes to mind is DC and/or Zack Snyder. Just take Ray Fisher’s gym picture that he recently posted, “Gym” Gordon, or any of the DC memes out there floating around Facebook that show off their characters buffing up for a role. However, one of Marvel’s characters is giving DC a run for its steroid induced money, as Thor: Ragnarok‘s Chris Hemsworth shows off his chiseled physique in a new image he’s shared over Instagram.

Check out the image below:

Bulldogs yesssssss!!!!!!!!! #westernbulldogs @westernbulldogs #grandfinal #letsdothis

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The God of Thunder is possibly the only Avenger that could give Superman a run for his money, and we now know that is because Thor’s bicep is about twice the width of Clark Kent’s head. Sorry Hulk, my money is on the God who can fly. We knew Thor was jacked, but this image takes it to a whole new level.

Thor: Ragnarok stars Chris Hemsworth as the title character, Jeff Goldblum, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Anthony Hopkins, Cate Blanchett, Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban, Mark Ruffalo, and the newly announced Sam Neill (Jurassic Park). The film is set for a November 3rd, 2017 release.

Are you excited to see Thor out-lift the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Make sure to let us know below.

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Josh Behr

Josh Behr

Jack of some trades, master of some others. That saying never really made a lot of sense to me.

  • Origami Rose

    I love a good douche pic

  • Vegas82

    Uhhh, Marvel is so steroids induced they show us the results you can get in The First Avenger…

  • unpaidpundit

    Feminists bitterly complain when women are portrayed in an idealized way either on screen or in comic books, even while male bodies are becoming more and more fetishized. In comic books, a “barbarian,” bare chested look is becoming popular for some male characters. Thor Odinson has lost his shirt. The characters of Hercules, Beowulf and Achilles are bare chested in the “Hercules” comic. As a fan of beauty, I am all in favor of showing plenty of flesh.

    • SAMURAI36

      Meh, this doesn’t bug me so much. I like that something is left for the imagination for women.

  • Maximillian Pegasus

    Chris Hemsworth vs Henry Cavill.

    • SAMURAI36

      And Cavil wins.

      • Carl

        Of course you’d say that. Hemsworth has 2 inches on Cavil but it would be a pretty fair fight.

        Although if it’s vs. in star power, as the comment doesn’t specify, Hemsworth wins, hands down.

        • SAMURAI36

          2 inches of what??

          You haven’t seen Cavill’s workouts, have you? Nothing Marvel studios does, compares to the workouts that Snyder has the DCEU actors doing.

          Wow, really? Compare Hemsworth’s last film to Cavill’s.

          And never mind that nonsense. Compare the CBM characters they are playing, and this convo is over before it starts.

          • Carl

            Height, not their junk, get your mind out of the gutter. 😉

            They are both huge, in great shape and do intense workouts but to you of course anything DC related is better. I get it you love DC more than your mom or significant other.

            Why would I compare their characters? We are talking about the actors. I’m guessing I can’t like Thor more than Superman though. You’d throw a tantrum. Superman is probably the most iconic superhero ever so I’m not going to throw shade at the character. Cavil though, he plays an awful version so Hemsworth’s Thor is better. :)

          • SAMURAI36

            You can feel free to like whatever you want. But nothing you said means a hill of beans.

            Every Cavill portrayal has made more money at the box office, than every Helmsworth portrayal. So there’s that.

          • Carl

            What? MoS barely beat Thor 2. Man from U.N.C.L.E. made $109 mil, both of the Hunstman movies beat that.

          • SAMURAI36

            BTW, Superman’s comic sells 2X better than Thor’s comic.


            18 Superman 4* $2.99 DC 88,154


            62 Mighty Thor 10 $3.99 Marvel 45,929

          • Carl

            Again, not talking about the comics. But that’s good for Thor comics.

          • SAMURAI36

            See, that’s the part you keep missing. I’m talking about ALL of multimedia. Not just comics, and not just movies.

          • Carl

            Cool but that’s not what the conversation was about. Let me quote you;

            “See, this is how stupid you sound. I didn’t say anything about” Comics. “This is just you deflecting again. You can’t refute my points, so you resort to saying something dumb, in hopes that I’ll bite and follow you down your idiotic rabbit hole.”

          • SAMURAI36

            Uhhmmm, I didn’t say that in THIS thread. Totally different thread. Try to keep up. Huk’d on Foniks Werx.

          • Carl

            No but it shows your hypocrisy as you admit you did say that.

          • Matias Gagliardone

            Do you realize Mighty Thor is not about Thor Odinson?

          • SAMURAI36

            Yep, it’s about Thor Jane.

          • Axxell

            LOL! I knew your pathetic self would resort to going on your success-starved comics tangent!