Daniela Melchior Wants To Return As Ratcatcher In The New DC Universe

Could Ratcatcher return?

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Could Daniela Melchior return to the DC Universe? The actress speaks on her potential future as Ratcatcher.

Ratcatcher was one of the breakout stars of The Suicide Squad. Daniela Melchior brought an earnest heart to a team of certified killers, which is why so many fans were disappointed when she revealed there were currently no plans for her to return to the role. When speaking on this, Melchior admitted that she’d be open to another DC Universe role, but truly hopes to return to the role of Ratcatcher.

“I’m open to explore another [DC] character, but I’m also open to explore more Ratcatcher 2 background or even like her future.” Melchior spoke in a recent interview with Nestor Cine. “I’ve been saying that Ratcatcher 2 is taking a nap right now, but I can’t wait to wake her up.”

Ratcatcher certainly has a lot of room to grow if she were to return in the new DC Universe. Other actors from The Suicide Squad like John Cena and Sean Gunn are also set to return in the reboot, meaning that the door appears to be open for Daniela Melchior to reprise her role. It just seems to be the case that no plans are currently made!

Who Else Could Daniela Melchior Play In The DC Universe?

While Ratcatcher is certainly her most well known role, Daniela Melchior is no stranger to the world of superheroes. Outside of the DC Universe, Melchior played Cosmo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and appeared in the recent Roadhouse reboot. She certainly has action chops under her belt.

Some fans have suggested that Daniela Melchior could play the DC Universe’s Catwoman. However, given the reboot’s incarnation of Batman is set to have a tweenage kid in Damian Wayne, Melchior may be a bit too young for the role.

One of the stranger fancasts is Daniela Melchior as Raven in the upcoming Teen Titans movie. If the cast skews older in order to have Dick Grayson as Nightwing, Melchior may be the perfect fit to play the most iconic sorceress in the DC Universe.

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