Warner Bros. Discovery Still Struggling To Find DC Films Chief

The job itself may be potentially lucrative, but somewhat undesirable at the moment.

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Warner Bros. Discovery is still struggling to find a producer that would take the lead on DC Films similar to Kevin Feige at Marvel Studios.

2022 has been an interesting year for Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Films to say the least. The release of Matt Reeves’ The Batman certainly got a lot of positive buzz, with the film receive acclaim from critics and audiences alike, ensuring that the Robert Pattinson film will lead to a shared universe of its own, including spinoff shows featuring The Penguin and of course, a sequel. In regards to the DC Extended Universe, the first series set within the DCEU Peacemaker debuted on HBO Max to massive acclaim, receiving a Season 2. Plus, DC has their long-awaited Black Adam origin film starring Dwayne Johnson, which is set to hit theaters later this month. With what looked to be a positive year for the brand, one would think things are looking up, right?

Well, Warner Bros. Discovery has been subject to scrutiny lately, especially after the cancellation of DC FilmsBatgirl for tax write-off purposes. In their recent earnings call, CEO David Zaslav reiterated that there is a 10-year plan for the franchise, and is looking to follow the model of Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios. Sadly, that search for a Feige-esque leader is still a struggle, especially after talks with producer Dan Lin fell through. According to The Wrap, the shelving of Batgirl proved to be a huge concern for Lin, and one producer who worked at Warner Bros. Discovery was quoted with this sentiment:

“Why would Dan Lin want to take the job? DC is a huge priority for Zaslav, but who wants to come on board and lead a film division that’s already canceled a film that was ready to go. And have a micromanaging CEO?”

Why DC Films has yet to find its Kevin Feige.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, has become a household name thanks to his spearheading of the franchise that began with Iron Man in 2008 and has since gone on to four phases (and counting) of films and television series set within the canon of a shared universe. Clearly, DC Films and other franchises have attempted to follow the blueprint of the shared universe that was made popular and successful at Marvel, but the home of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman among others has famously struggled despite having some genuine wins under its belt. With three different regime changes in only five years including the likes of Greg Silverman, Geoff Johns & Jon Berg, and Walter Hamada in that order, DC Films has been often associated with inconsistency in content output.

It doesn’t help that taking on the role as DC Films’ equivalent to Kevin Feige involves a very narrow amount of candidates, and with Dan Lin no longer in talks, despite having expressed an excitement for DC Comics and its characters in the past, the search continues to be a struggle. Also, when you factor in some of the sticky situations such as the controversial star of The Flash Ezra Miller and their legal issues as well as a very vocal fanbase, that makes the job itself a particularly challenging prospect. A Hollywood producer told The Wrap the following in regards to the search:

“It is a very narrow group of people who can run and effectively get DC films back on track while handling the creative, business and — let’s be frank — the political minefields that come with that job.”

Here’s hoping that Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Films manage to find their Kevin Feige. After all, given the frustrating nature of the last two months following the cancellation of Batgirl, some good news and positive developments are heavily desired amongst fans. In the meantime, all eyes are on Black Adam.

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Source: The Wrap

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