Edi Gathegi Shows Off How Absolutely Swole He Got For James Gunn’s Superman Movie

Is the actor Natty or not? Based on the new photo, we are leaning towards the latter

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Edi Gathegi, who is playing Mister Terrific in James Gunn’s Superman movie, has gotten so absolutely swole and jacked that he probably upstaged the Man of Steel himself, David Corenswet.

In a new photo, Gathegi has once again shown off his stunning progress and his very impressive gains. Check it out.

Gathegi has achieved muscle separation in his gains, along with very clear vascularity, especially in his boulder shoulders. His progress is a clear sign of consistent cardio, diet, supplementation and the proper training and guidance, under the watchful eye of his trainer Paolo Mascitti.

Natty or Not? Did Ed Gathegi use PEDs?

Based on previous photos before Gathegi got the role, he was already lean and had a good baseline in his before photos to begin with which is key, so all the muscle gains he has made throughout his training are pure new muscle tissue and very little, if any body fat. Now the question is, along with his training, supplementation, training, and diet, did Gathhegi have any additional help in the performance-enhancing department.

Based on the above photos and others floating around the net of Gathegi’s physique shown to actual IFBB professionals, the general consensus is a profound yes given the fact that the actor is indeed 45 years old, an age where it is hard to put on mass. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Gathegi had a little testosterone replacement therapy or TRT in the low dosages, followed by very low doses of growth hormone secretagogues like MK-677 for the mass. The vascularity also reeks of DHT derivative use like Winstrol or Masteron which hardens the muscles and provides the pop in the veins.

Mister Terrific, as portrayed by Edi Gathegi, is based on the Michael Holt version of the character, who is renowned as the second individual to take on the Mister Terrific mantle. Created by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake, Holt first appeared in 1997’s Spectre (vol. 3) #54. In the pages of DC Comics, Holt is celebrated for his genius-level intellect and athletic prowess, making him one of the most formidable minds and fighters in the DCU.

Will Mister Terrific be a friend or foe? Based on the above physique photo, if it is the latter, Superman will have his hands full when the movie is released by DC Studios on July 11, 2025.

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