‘Andor’: Forest Whitaker Confirms Saw Gerrera Return For Season 2

Somehow, Forest Whitaker returned!

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Recent photos from the set of Andor hinted at the return of Saw Gerrera, played by Forest Whitaker. Instead of playing coy, Whitaker has outright confirmed he’ll be returning for the show’s second season.

Oftentimes, it’s hard to get a direct answer out of actors, especially with every major studio trying to create a cinematic universe with secret, wide-reaching plans. Following the set photos of Saw Gerrera’s compound surfacing last week, it wasn’t clear how long fans would have to wait to get confirmation on if the character would return for Andor season 2. In a recent interview with Comicbook.com, Whitaker was candid about the potential of his return, stating simply: “Oh yeah, it’s safe to say that [he’ll return].”

Forest Whitaker is no stranger to making cameo appearances in Star Wars media. Saw Gerrera originally appeared in The Clone Wars TV show, but has since shown up in projects such as Rogue One, Star Wars Rebels, The Bad Batch, and even the video game Jedi: Fallen Order. It seemed to always be a safe bet for fans that he would return in Andor season 2.

What to expect from Andor season two

The Andor season two footage screened at the Star Wars Celebration fan convention revealed that Mon Mothma, leader of the Rebel Alliance, will play a key role in the upcoming season as she rallies the rebellion against the Empire, as reported by Variety. Fans were also treated to a glimpse of Cassian Andor’s new hairstyle, indicating that there may be some significant changes in store for the character.

As with the first season, Andor season two is being created and produced by a talented team of writers and directors, led by Tony Gilroy. Gilroy has an impressive track record in the industry, having co-written the screenplay for Rogue One and directed and co-wrote the screenplays for the Bourne film series.

Andor also Adria Arjona, Fiona Shaw, Denise Gough, Kyle Soller and Genevieve O’Reilly. Tony Gilroy, Dan Gilroy, Stephen Schiff and Beau Willimon served as the writers of the Star Wars series, with Toby Haynes, Susanna White and Benjamin Caron directing the season one episodes.

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