Hong Kong Disneyland Planning To Re-Open Soon

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park are all set to re-open shortly.

With the coronavirus pandemic slowing down, Hong Kong theme parks Disnelyand and Ocean Park are gearing up to reopen their doors to the public very soon. This news comes right after Disney announced that Walt Disney World would be opening up the doors to its parks again come July. The Hong Kong government, who own both Disneyland and Ocean Park, announced plans to reboost the area’s economy, with both theme parks serving as major players to do help those plans. Both parks, which are clearly huge money makers for the local economy, have been closed since January.

The South China Morning Post (via Deadline) is reporting that Ocean Park will open up its door to guests on Saturday June 13. Hong Kong Disneyland will be back to business shortly after, though no specific date has been given just yet. With large scale theme parks like Disneyland opening up, the people of Hong Kong will also see trade shows and conventions popping up throughout the region as well. In fact, one of the events to look out for will be the Hong Kong Book Fair will run from July 15 to 21, just two days after Ocean Park will open up to the public.

The coronavirus has caused shutdowns and closures all over the world, particularly towards operations within the entertainment industry. Hong Kong and China were the first areas to be hit by the coronavirus, so it’s great to see Hong Kong slowly opening up its entertainment and tourism industry. Hong Kong Disneyland re-opening its doors is a positive sign that Disney and the government have faith in the industry in a post-COVID-19 world. Just recently it was announced that Californian film, television, and music productions could resume on June 12.

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Source: Deadline