Insomniac Confirms ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Suit Will Not Be In ‘Spider-Man’ PS4

Amazing Spider-Man Andrew Garfield

Yesterday morning, video game developers Insomniac Games surprised the entire fanbase of their newest critically and commercially successful video game Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4, with the Sam Raimi / Tobey Maguire suit that was featured in the original Spider-Man trilogy of films. Ever since the game initially released back in the beginning of September, fans were asking the developers whether or not they would include the beloved suit in the game. For the longest time, it seemed as if Insomniac Games would not be placing this costume in the game, but, much to everybody’s surprise, they ended up doing so for free.

This naturally begs the question – will Insomniac Games be putting more movie tie-in suits in Spider-Man PS4? They already have the “Stark Suit” from Tom Holland’s breakout film Spider-Man: Homecoming, and recently, the game now lets you use the suit that Peter Parker wears in the brand new movie Into the Spider-Verse. Many fans additionally have been wondering whether or not the suit worn by Andrew Garfield in the Amazing Spider-Man series of films.

A Twitter user named Matthew Ramage tweeted at James Stevenson, who is the community director over at Insomniac Games, asking him if they had any plans to incorporate that suit in the game at some point in the future. Ramage asked “Now the crying brats got what they wanted, will you be releasing TASM suits?” to which Stevenson replied simply with “No”.

You can read the full exchange here:

Even though fans of the Garfield movies will not be getting the suits featured in those pictures, it is definitely hard to complain since we have been getting quite a lot of great content in the Spider-Man game. Plus, with the new Into the Spider-Verse film being released, and the first trailer for the new Far From Home trailer reportedly coming soon, it really is a great time to be a fan of the web swinging character.

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What We Learned About ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ At CCXP

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios shared some brand new information on their highly-anticipated sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home. The film, which is the follow-up to 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming marks the return of Tom Holland as Peter Parker following the release of Avengers: Endgame and will also feature the cinematic debut of Mysterio, who is portrayed by Academy Award-nominee Jake Gyllenhaal.

Here are some of the things we have learned about Spider-Man: Far From Home following its presentation at the 2018 Comic Con Experience (CCXP) in Brazil. Click “Next” to find out.

1. Peter Parker & Michelle Will Be Involved Romantically

Spider-Man Homecoming Far From Home Tom Holland Zendaya

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, we saw Peter crushing on Liz Allan (Laura Harrier), who has since moved away from Queens, New York with her mother following the fallout of her father Adrian Toomes’ (Michael Keaton) crimes as the Vulture. With Liz now out of the picture, we have Michelle Jones (Zendaya) also known as “MJ” that Peter has his eyes on. In Homecoming, Michelle seemed to tow the line between cold and friendly to Peter, with hints that she was romantically interested in him the whole time.

Now, it looks like Peter and Michelle have since grown closer with one another following the events of Homecoming. Perhaps their romantic connection will play a significant role in Peter’s motivations in Far From Home. 

2. Aunt May Supports Her Nephew As Spider-Man In Far From Home

Aunt May Spider-Man: Far From Home

Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) found out about her beloved nephew Peter’s secret at the end of Homecoming. Now that she’s aware that he continues his hero work as our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, she is also fully-supportive of him despite the fact that he continues to put himself in danger.

3. Happy Hogan & Aunt May Share A Romantic AffairSpider-Man Far From Home Happy Hogan Aunt May

This one comes as a bit of a surprise. Based off of information from CCXP, it appears that Aunt May is romantically involved with none other than Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau). This certainly won’t be awkward for Peter.

4. Spider-Man & Mysterio Start Are Brought Together By Nick Fury

Spider-Man Far From Home Jake Gyllenhaal Mysterio Marvel

The narrative for Far From Home will begin with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) bringing Spider-Man and Quentin Blake/Mysterio together for a mission in which they must hunt down the Elementals. Mysterio has some knowledge about the Elementals and wants to defeat them to make the world safer.

The unlikely duo has been described to have a “brothers in arms” dynamic. What could possibly go wrong?

5. Spider-Man & Mysterio’s Relationship Is The Central Focus

Spider-Man Far From Home Jake Gyllenhaal Mysterio Marvel

During the presentation at CCXP, Gyllenhaal revealed that Far From Home will be a unique Spider-Man film due to the relationship between the beloved hero and Mysterio:

“The central point of the film is the relationship of Peter with Mysterio, which is a completely new dynamic. Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man. There’s no one more professional than him.”

Seeing Holland and Gyllenhaal acting alongside eachother will certainly be a highlight.

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