James Gunn Debunks Popular Rumor About Main ‘Superman’ Movie Conflict

James Gunn shuts down rumors!

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Could Superman be coming to blows with other heroes? James Gunn debunks one of the biggest rumors about the upcoming DC Universe film.

Despite production on Superman starting in earnest this past week, details about the plot have still been kept close to the chest. This has led many fans to construct their own ideas about the plot of the upcoming reboot. The most prominent one this time around revolves around Superman coming to blows with the other heroes of the DC Universe after Lex Luthor frames him as the villain.

This would certainly be an interesting plot for a freshman DC Universe outing (the last one at least did the hero vs hero plot in its second movie!) and would also help explain why so many heroes have joined the supporting cast of what’s apparently a solo film.

However, perhaps more certain than the sun setting in the evening, James Gunn has come from the woodwork to debunk a rumor at his DC Universe. The director responded to the rumor with a very short “Nope” on Threads, shutting down any chance at the Superman reboot revolving around a superhero brawl.

What is the plot of the new Superman movie?

Of course, this still leaves fans questioning what the plot of Superman will actually be. Aside from the aforementioned rumor, the idea picking up the most steam with fans is that the film will flip Kingdom Come on the head for this new DC Universe, focusing instead on a younger version of the hero inspiring an older generation who’ve become jaded over time.

This still leaves room for Lex Luthor to be the main villain of Superman even if he isn’t cracking heads. In a battle of optimism vs pessimism, someone with the resources of Lex Luthor has the power to shape the entire DC Universe’s perception when it comes to heroes.

Though given filming for the project has already started, it likely won’t be long until fans get some crumbs when it comes to the plot of Superman. It’s hard enough to keep the lid on plot details even without hordes of leakers trying to be the first ones to get a scoop, and it’s likely James Gunn wants any details coming from the set of his reboot to be official.

Superman is currently scheduled to hit theaters on July 11, 2025. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the DC Universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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