James Gunn Speaks On ‘The Flash’ Star Grant Gustin Potentially Joining The DC Universe Reboot

Will Grant Gustin play another superhero?

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The Flash star Grant Gustin may not be done with the DC Universe quite yet! James Gunn recently spoke about whether he’d want the Barry Allen actor to return for his reboot.

Grant Gustin was one of the biggest faces of the Arrowverse as The Flash. To many, he kept the DC Universe alive in the eyes of fans while the IP struggled to find an audience in theaters. Especially following the unprecedented flop that was The Flash starring Ezra Miller, Gustin has become the definitive version of the character to many.

With James Gunn now focusing his attention on a DC Universe reboot, fans have started petitioning for Grant Gustin to return as The Flash. One particular commenter suggested that Gustin’s talents are being put to waste if he won’t be cast in the new DCU. In response, Gunn said that Gustin was more than talented to make it outside of the DC Universe, even if he’d be thrilled to work with him one day.

“Grant is an incredibly talented guy, performing now on Broadway, I believe, and is absolutely not going to waste just because he’s not currently in a DC project.” Gunn wrote in a recent post on Threads. “But of course I’d love to work with him at some point.”

It seems the feeling of wanting to work together is mutual. Grant Gustin himself recently expressed interest in returning to the DC Universe if James Gunn thought it was the right fit. However, given Gunn’s insistence on getting new actors for the Justice League in his reboot, it’s not likely Gustin will return as Barry Allen.

Luckily, The Flash has a habit of recasting former actors in new roles. The most famous example is John Wesley Shipp, the original live-action Flash, playing both Henry Allen and Jay Garrick in the Arrowverse. While Grant Gustin is a bit young to play Henry Allen, it wouldn’t be out of the question for him to play a younger version of Jay Garrick in James Gunn’s DC Universe.

It’s also possible James Gunn will bring Grant Gustin into his reboot in a role outside of The Flash orbit. Given Gustin’s musical background, he might be the perfect fit to play the Music Meister in the new DC Universe. It’s even possible the actor makes a complete heel turn and takes on the role of the Reverse Flash.

Though given Grant Gustin just finished a nearly decade-long run as The Flash, it’s not likely he’s jumping to get back into the DC Universe anytime soon. Perhaps a few years down the line when James Gunn’s reboot is settled, Gustin will find his way back into the spandex.

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