Jamie Foxx Still Wants To Star In Todd McFarlane’s ‘Spawn’ Film

Jamie Foxx is still up to play Spawn!

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Jamie Foxx has stated that he still wants to star in Todd McFarlane’s upcoming Spawn film from Blumhouse Productions.

Todd McFarlane’s upcoming Spawn reboot was first announced back in 2017’s San Diego Comic-Con. Not long after, it was revealed that Jeremey Renner would play Twitch with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star Jamie Foxx playing the titular anti-hero. Unfortunately, news for the film is now hard to come by with the aspiring director blaming the delays on creative differences. He has, however, teased that big talent is being added to the upcoming film but did not divulge who this would be. Despite all the delays, however, Jamie Foxx is still up for playing Al Simmons.

While speaking to Yahoo, Jamie Foxx talked about Todd McFarlane’s upcoming Spawn film and still hopes that whenever he gets the film moving, he will still think of him for the role:

“I surprised Todd McFarlane. I said, ‘Bro, I know that one day you will do this movie, and I hope you will keep me in mind.’ What Black Panther did was let us know that it’s so necessary, and it’s the time. And Spawn is just an interesting character in itself. The heads that are being put together to bring you something special – look out.”

What do you all make of Jamie Foxx’s words? Are you surprised to hear that he still wants to play Spawn for Todd McFarlane’s film? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn reboot does not currently have a release date. Avengers star Jeremy Renner was originally set to play Twitch with Jamie Foxx to play Spawn. Todd McFarlane is set to write and direct the film with Bloomhouse Productions backing the picture.

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Source: Yahoo

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