RUMOR: Jordan Peele Met With Marvel Studios To Direct MCU X-Men Movie

Could Jordan Peele join the MCU?

Jordan Peele Marvel Studios X-Men MCU Director

Could Jordan Peele have joined the MCU? A new rumor suggests Marvel Studios met with the comedian-turned-director for one of their upcoming projects.

Jordan Peele is one of the hottest directors in Hollywood. He’s been on a tear with his last three films Get Out, Us, and Nope all coming out to massive praise. This has left many to wonder if he’d ever take a break from his horror projects to direct a superhero film with Marvel or DC.

All this is why the internet was set on fire when a rumor broke that Jordan Peele had met with Marvel Studios to direct a project for the MCU. Speculation was all over the place, with some thinking he was in league to helm the long-rumored Midnight Suns movie, while others believed he was the next director to tackle Doctor Strange. The truth, however, seems to be much more interesting.

Jordan Peele Takes On The Mutant Menace

According to new rumors from One Take News and Jeff Sneider on The Hot Mic, Jordan Peele had actually met with Marvel Studios to direct the upcoming X-Men reboot. This lines up with recent rumors that Marvel was cleaning up their shortlist for what writers would tackle the project.

Jordan Peele may seem like an odd choice for Marvel to court when it comes to rebooting the X-Men for the MCU. However, given the director’s films lean heavily on progressive politics, issues of discrimination, and issues regarding race, which are all key parts of the X-Men franchise, Peele may have been a surprisingly good fit for the project.

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