Lex Luthor DCU Actor Nicholas Hoult Has High Praise For ‘Smallville’ Star Michael Rosenbaum

Nicholas Hoult is a huge Smallville fan!

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There’s nothing Lex Luthor loves more than himself! Nicholas Hoult recently sang his praises for Michael Rosenbaum’s take on the character in Smallville.

Many fans were surprised when it was revealed that Nicholas Hoult would be playing Lex Luthor in the DC Universe. While he’s a fine actor, his roles have often been left to the meeker side of things, leading many to doubt that he could bring the gravitas needed for such an iconic role.

While opinions toward Nicholas Hoult as Lex Luthor in the DCU have been warming up as production on Superman ramps up, it seems as though the actor has at least been doing his homework. When speaking to Michael Rosenbaum on his Inside of You podcast, Hoult revealed he was a fan of Smallville even when he was a kid, and that, of all the versions of Lex Luthor he’s seen, Rosenbaum’s remains a strong favorite.

“I think the first-ever Lex I saw was you. Smallville was on…I was 11, 12, I guess,” Hoult explained to Rosenbaum. “That was the show I would watch and see my first iterations of Superman and Lex in all those stories. Since, I’ve seen Richard Donner’s movies and all the other ones and performances.”

“I love [your performance as Lex]. It’s the best, yeah,” he continued. “You did inhabit him with such depth and charm. That ability to switch which makes him dangerous and formidable and a great opponent. I just love what you did.”

Is Michael Rosenbaum the greatest Lex Luthor?

Nicholas Hoult is far from alone in considering Michael Rosenbaum a great Lex Luthor. In fact, before Hoult was cast in Superman, fans were campaigning for the Smallville actor to return to the role thanks to his previous work with James Gunn on the Guardians of the Galaxy series.

Though regardless of who ultimately got the spot, it’s good to see that there’s no bad blood between the Lex Luthor actors. Especially in a world where the multiverse is a norm, it wouldn’t be shocking to see the two share the screen sometime in the future. While Nicholas Hoult will be playing the main role in the DCU, Michael Rosenbaum still remains very connected to the character, even working on a Smallville animated series with his co-star Tom Welling.

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