Marvel Reveals Where ‘Black Panther’ Animated Series ‘Eyes Of Wakanda’ Sits In MCU Multiverse

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Is Eyes of Wakanda canon to Marvel’s Sacred Timeline? A producer for the animated series reveals where the Black Panther spin-off sits within the MCU.

Fans were surprised when it was announced that Black Panther would be getting an animated spin-off in the MCU titled Eyes of Wakanda, following the legacy of the Black Panther mantle across time. However, given the fact other shows like What If…? and X-Men ’97 stand as multiverse stories, fans began to question where the series sits in regards to MCU canon. According to Marvel producer Brad Winderbaum, the show exists in Marvel’s main Sacred Timeline.

“We’re exploring so many amazing avenues on the animated side.” Winderbaum told Men’s Health Magazine. “Eyes of Wakanda, more than any other show, fits right into our sacred MCU timeline continuity. [Black Panther director Ryan Coogler] is a producer on it, Todd Harris is one of our long-time storyboard artists who directs it. It’s about Wakandan history and mythology, and it’s really cool. It looks amazing. And it feels like, ‘Okay I’m getting an animated look into the MCU.’

It’s certainly a relief to hear that Eyes of Wakanda will be canon to the Sacred Timeline of the MCU. Wakanda and the rest of the world weaved by the Black Panther films are such a lush playground for writers and artists to play in. This animated series will likely only scratch the surface of the potential Marvel is hiding with the franchise, though hopefully it’s only the start.

Marvel’s Upcoming Animation Domination

Black Panther isn’t the only MCU franchise getting a spin-off with Eyes of Wakanda. Following the success of What If…?, Marvel seems to be pushing hard with their animation division. The recent acclaim of X-Men ’97 only bolsters their decision, with the project being one of the best reviewed to date for the company.

Spider-Man is also getting his own animated series in Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, formerly titled Spider-Man: Freshman Year. While the series won’t be canon to the MCU, it will explore an Elseworlds story incorporating elements of Tom Holland’s version of the character. The series is set to premiere on Disney Plus later this year.

What If…? has also been renewed for a third season following a successful sophomore outing. The spin-off is also getting its own spin-off, with Marvel developing an animated Marvel Zombies series for Disney Plus.

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