Marvel Confirms New Iron Man Game Is In Development

Marvel unveils a new Iron Man universe!

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Marvel Games has confirmed a new third-person, action-adventure Iron Man game set in its own universe is currently in the early stages of development with Motive Studios.

The surprise announcement comes shortly after D23 Expo ushered in a wave of MCU news. However, this new take on Iron Man appears to be entirely separate from both the MCU and Marvel’s other recent video game releases, such as Spider-Man and Avengers.

Marvel Games is developing the Iron Man project alongside Motive Studios.

A New Iron Man Adventure

Marvel Games has promised the currently untitled Iron Man game will deliver an original story in its own continuity.

While few details have been revealed, the fact the game is described as a “single-player, third-person, action-adventure title” is big news. Marvel has released surprisingly few games of this variety in recent years, though the PS4 Spider-Man games were well received and may have encouraged the development of similar games such as this Iron Man project and the upcoming Wolverine.

Check out the announcement and first teaser image from Marvel Games in the tweet below:

The game will mark the first solo Iron Man game of this kind for console release since the Iron Man 2 movie tie-in back in 2010.

While Marvel is gradually expanding in the realm of gaming, it is odd that each of their games takes place in its own continuity, foregoing the shared universe format made popular by the MCU. Some dialogue in Spider-Man had implied it would take place in the same continuity as Avengers, though it is possible working with different developers on different titles has made such integration difficult.

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