‘Reacher’ Star Alan Ritchson Calls Out Marvel For ‘Regurgitating’ The Same Stories

Alan Ritchson calls out the MCU!

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Alan Ritchson doesn’t seem to be the biggest fan of Marvel! The Reacher actor called out the studio for playing it safe with the films they put out.

Alan Ritchson has been a prolific force in comic book media, playing both Hawk in Titans and Aquaman in Smallville. The Reacher actor is now gunning to play Batman in the new DC Universe. However, it seems he doesn’t like all superhero media, with Ritchson claiming that Marvel projects bore him with how safe they play it.

“Like everybody else, I sit back and yawn at Marvel movies regurgitating comic book stories that we’ve seen a thousand times because they’re the only way studios feel like they can make money,” Ritchson spoke in a recent interview with GQ. “I want to be a solution; I want to do something about it. So I’m using every bit of leverage that I have to create new, compelling stories. That’s my mission.”

Alan Ritchson’s comments are interesting given Marvel has been criticized in recent years for straying too far from their formula, putting out lower quality and more experimental properties like Eternals. Of course, everything is a matter of taste, and it’s understandable the Reacher star may not enjoy Marvel’s style of filmmaking given the more serious shift the actor has taken with his career.

Marvel Tries To Win Back The Public Favor

It seems Marvel is hearing the complaints from people like Reacher star Alan Ritchson. The studio seems to be focusing more on quality than quantity, which likely means a decrease in output from both their film and Disney Plus divisions heading into the future. While some praise this as a return to form, others worry that the age of experimentation with the studio is over.

Superhero franchises like Marvel and DC are certainly in a “do or die” situation. While their characters are so engrained in pop culture that they’ll never truly go away, with even critics like Alan Ritchson hoping to play heroes like Batman, the next few years may see a decrease in scope and budget for even their biggest properties.

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