Ryan Gosling Has Reportedly Met With Marvel Studios To Join The MCU

I'm just Kang!

Ryan Gosling Ken Barbie Marvel Studios MCU

Come on Barbie, let’s go party! It seems Ryan Gosling is preparing to take the leap into the MCU following a recent meeting with Marvel Studios.

Ryan Gosling has become one of the hottest commodities in Hollywood over the past few years. Even discounting Barbie, both The Gray Man and Blade Runner 2049 have proven the actor’s action chops. It seems those chops may be coming to the MCU as, according to insider DanielRPK, the actor recently met with Marvel Studios to explore potential roles.

Given the timing of the Jonathan Majors situation, many fans have joked that Ryan Gosling would be taking over as Kang in the MCU. While obviously a joke, it is possible Gosling finally makes his heel turn and decides to play a villain in an upcoming Marvel Studios project.

The one Marvel Studios character Ryan Reynolds has previously gone on record expressing interest in playing is Ghost Rider, the news coming out early last year when rumors were circulating that he would play the MCU’s Nova. At the time, Kevin Feige also seemed open to the idea, potentially leaving the door open for the project to come to light in these recent negotiations.

Regardless, it’s almost certain Ryan Gosling will be joining either the MCU or DCU in the coming years. The actor’s charisma and experience in the action genre make him almost a perfect fit for the world of men in spandex. Here’s to hoping that Marvel Studios is able to give him a better deal than James Gunn so they can land him!

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