Could We See Captain America ‘Hail Hydra’ In The MCU?


4987735-7141024380-CaptaRecently, I examined what Marvel Studios is doing with Thor. But, if you have been paying attention to comic news recently, or you read our article, you probably know about the huge twist in Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 by Nick Spencer. This new take on Captain America/Steve Rogers see’s Captain America do the unthinkable – ‘Hail Hydra’.

Fans have reacted strongly. Most are angry that the character who at the utmost integrity, and devotion to good could possibly be bad. Stan Lee himself, finds the idea “clever”. Kevin Smith commented on the heel turn, saying that it won’t change canon. Cap’s biggest fan Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) is allowing the story to play out. James Gunn’s cat has been threatened. Captain America himself, Chris Evans, is even in disbelief.


Wes Harden

Wes Harden

An avid fan of all things Disney/Marvel, Wes hails from Virginia, and is an analyst and veteran. IG @weshardeniv

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  • Vegas82

    I don’t see it happening, but I guess it’s possible. I find it more likely that he dies in Infinity Wars prompting Bucky or Sam to pick up the shield.

    • Thanostic

      More likely, and a better idea. I just can’t imagine the MCU’s Captain America with Hydra under any circumstances. Also, I’ve had my fill of Hydra, and would like to see them put to bed, at least for awhile, and I really like Bucky, so I’d like to see him take up the mantle if (when?) Steve Rogers bites it.

  • Plays With Squirrels

    In my opinion the twist is something you can only do in comics, it doesn’t lend itself to another medium in any type of way.

    • delta_one


      One day, years from now, we’ll read a little blurb saying,
      “Fact: At one point Steve Rogers was revealed to be a Hydra Agent. This was met with large backlash and Marvel quickly abandoned the concept.”

  • Fenix

    Someone was paid to write this article…

  • seeing as how they pretty much got rid of Hydra & it’s leader Hive during the last season of Agents of SHIELD, very unlikely and improbable. they made Thor a girl in the comics, don’t bet on that happening in the MCU either…


    Based on his actions in Silly War, he might as well have been a member of Hydra anyways.