Spider-Man Cosplayer Joins Black Lives Matter Protest In New York City

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A Spider-Man cosplayer was spotted at a Black Lives Matter protest for the murder of George Floyd in New York City on Tuesday night.

The cosplayer dressed as Spider-Man was seen scaling the Manhattan Bridge as thousands of protesters were barricaded and blocked from entering the city by the New York City Police Department. Cheers broke out from the crowd as the Spider-Man cosplayer climbed a low section of the bridge, cheering on protesters in support of Black Lives Matter.

“You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us,” a protester shouted, quoting Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man film.

The video which has gone viral has already been viewed 4.1 million times at the time of this writing.

“We’re saved!” executive producer Marc Guggenheim proclaimed in a tweet sharing the video. You can check out the video and the tweet from the Arrow producer below.

Another protester can also be heard encouraging the Spider-Man cosplayer to “do a flip.”

The cosplayer has since been identified as Japneet Singh. Singh described his experience at the protest to Newsweek as “actually very, very pleasant and people showed so much love.”

Singh went on to detail his concern over how protesters might react to him cosplaying as Spider-Man as well as his experience during protests earlier this week:

“One of my biggest concerns going into it was how people will take it. But people loved it and really got behind me. The first few [protests] kind of got crazy, especially the night ones.”

Singh added that the protest on Tuesday night was “very, very peaceful,” compared to previous nights. He also opened up about what it’s like to be on the ground in his Instagram stories:

“It’s so crazy to be seeing things first hand and to be out there as opposed to seeing it online or on TV. You really get to see how crazy it really is out there, man.”

The Spider-Man cosplayer also encouraged Black Lives Matter protesters to be safe and expressed how important it is for the message behind the protesting to not get lost, stressing that more lives cannot be lost:

“I just hope whoever is out there… be safe, be smart, and at the end of the day, make sure this movement that has started, that the message does not get lost in translation. You don’t want the message to get directed in any way, ’cause we can’t afford any more lives, man. We can afford any more lives and we can’t afford these injustices.”

In addition, Singh detailed his experience as a minority in the United States, expressing that there would be no way for him to stand by and not confront the ongoing injustice and systemic racism that resides in America:

“Being a minority myself, I’m with everybody that’s out there man, everybody that has such strong sentiment towards this issue. I’ve dealt with plenty of racism growing up and even now sometimes, and I’d be damned if I sit this one out, no way.”

As for Spider-Man himself, the web-slinger is expected to return to the silver screen for another sequel from Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures. The project was originally expected to go before the lens this summer, however, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it remains unclear as to when production will be able to take place. Tom Holland recently revealed he does not yet know when filming will be scheduled. The project was originally set to hit theaters on July 16th, 2021, but was pushed back to November 5th, 2021

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Source: Newsweek

Michael Mistroff

Michael Mistroff

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