‘Suicide Squad’ Has Gathered More Social Media Buzz Than ‘Rogue One’, ‘Fantastic Beasts’ And More

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It was a gamble when Warner Bros. picked up Suicide Squad. The unconventional superhero film, centered on more than a few baddies, was vested with an even more unconventional marketing campaign, and it wasn’t immediate clear how this one would turn out. Well, we won’t know for sure until August 5, but if early social media buzz reports are to be believe, it’s going to be pretty huge.

According to comScore’s PreAct, a tracking service which studies digital communication in relation to current-or-upcoming films, the DC property is currently gathering more online attention than any other 2016 film, and that includes Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Star Trek Beyond, The Secret Life of Pets and Ghostbusters, to merely name a few. And it’s worth noting that these reports come just after Rogue One was the driving force behind a weeklong series of high-profile Entertainment Weekly pieces last week. The film has also earned more attention and anticipation than any film coming out next month by a good margin, which is looking very good for its box office chances. And it’s probably well-earned.

The marketing has been nothing short of exceptional, and even though Jared Leto’s method acting techniques have clouded the film in some controversy, it looks like Suicide Squad might become WB and DC’s first big hit in a good little while — which is much needed after the not-quite-a-flop-but-could-have-done-better Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Of course, these results don’t guarantee that the blockbuster is going to be a runaway success, especially as no real reviews beyond some early fan reactions have hit the web yet, but people are unquestionably talking about the film, and that’s a damn good start, especially with how much money the studio has on the line here.

Are we really looking at this year’s Guardians of the Galaxy? It certainly seems like it.

Source: ComicBookMovie.com



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Will Ashton

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  • theClownPrinceOfTrolls

    bvs had more buzz then cw. look how that turned out. ss will make less then mos and g.o.t.g the film that caused ss to be green lit. so its a failure and hasnt even been released cause noone is predicting ss to make more then mos or g.o.t g .

    dccu will be 0/3 in their dccu with acbm that past expectations , 0/4 n their last dc associated films. then by end of the summer they will be 0/4 and 0/5 once ww flops. ba oys 3 2 mcu films, deps pirates and toms mummys comes out before and after ww release date lmao. also jl wont crack a billion either. if the HOEly trimity doomsday and lex couldnt crack a billion what makes people think the addition of lesser known and unpopular heros like aquadrago, a teen titan member and emo flash is going to get a dccu over the billion mark.

    mcu does billion $ films with ironman alone and the avengers and now captian america and soon to be g.o.t g lmao.

    • Radar Technician Matt

      You’re a “funny” guy. I give you that.
      But no.

      • theClownPrinceOfTrolls


      • Karencmoore1


    • DoYouFeelInCharge?

      First off you’re a Marvel troll, so your opinion means nothing because your clearly biased. Secondly, SS budget is a lot smaller then BvS so it doesn’t need to make nearly as much for WB to make a significant profit, and it’s more important that the film is well received since the DCEU is an ongoing franchise.

      • theClownPrinceOfTrolls

        27% dccu is garbage

      • theClownPrinceOfTrolls

        you are aware mos budget was 225 mill, g.o.t.g 232 or 234 mill. and ss is 250mill? lmao ss is not making more then mos or g.o.t g did. so if a films spends more and makes less then older films even with proce cost for tickets inflation from year to year. ss will be considered a failure PERIOD.. IF IT MAKES LESS THEN MOS AND OR GOTG FILMS THAT SPENT LESS. HECK SS WAS GREEN LIT ONL BECAUSE OF GOTG SUCCESS ..

        TRY AGING
        YOH LOSE.

        • DoYouFeelInCharge?

          It’s not about matching Marvel’s success, it’s about making films that are well received and turning a profit which also entails toys and other licensed products. Your post is pure conjecture, or do you have a crystal ball that can predict the future? You’re even going as far as to predict how other films will affect WW in 2017. And no GOTG had nothing to do with SS, WB is film maker driven studio and David Ayer had a pitch they liked, they had no plans to do a SS movie before that. If they were trying to match GOTG they would have gone with a comedic character like Booster Gold instead of a dark, violent property. Take your head out of Mickey Mouse’s a$s, none of that Disney money is going in your pocket buddy.

          • theClownPrinceOfTrolls

            didnt read 27%

            i read bout first few sentences.. i predicted bvs and mos woud underperform long before the its not hard to tell which dc films will suck and which ones wont. 64% of dc films have underperformed.
            thats 17/27.

            with 7 of said 10 films that past expectations being bat solo films and 3 superman films from reeves and the first superman film.

            dc has yet to have any success with any films not named superman or batman. so no you dont need a crystal ball when a dc film has a 36% chance of passing expectations lmao heck the HOEly trimity failed to do so lmao dc properties arent worth wild to the general public most their heros villians are corny. outside of bats villians and the 44 out of superma , thats why most superman films only include zod or lex lmao.

        • JasonK

          YOU TRY AGING.
          I WIN.

          • theClownPrinceOfTrolls

            27% lmao

    • JasonK

      The Squad gon make Guardians look like the boring overhyped garbage they are.

    • Victor Thomas

      oh man wait till samurai reads this comment. @samurai get this muther @#!%Er

      • theClownPrinceOfTrolls

        samurai is my ?itch.. ive posted on his nonsense crushing everything he says hes yet to respond. she knows her place.

        • Victor Thomas

          I trash some points of DC but you’re literally the biggest Marvel Dickrider I’ve ever seen. Marvel ain’t perfect they made a few good movies but I can destroy a ton of stuff Marvel does.

          • theClownPrinceOfTrolls

            marvel avgs more films per yr
            mavrel avgs bigger boxoffice per film.
            marvel avgs better reviews and rating from critics and audiences
            marvel spends less money on their budget per film.
            marvel is currently the number 1 comic publisher nearly doubles dcs sales .
            you can try if you dare .

            dc couldnt make a good non batman film on accident.

          • Cinephilia Lovegood

            As a fan of ALL quality comic-based storytelling adapted to film and television (especially with the MCU), I find it incredibly insulting that you consider Daredevil and Deadpool to be “Marvel movies” when they really aren’t…they are both Fox movies based on Marvel comic book characters. As a true fan, you should know damn well that, in today’s world, christening a film as a “Marvel movie” is a privilege granted only to those films that are Marvel Studios productions. Go ahead and call it picky or call me a loser, but do not call yourself a fan if you can’t make the distinction between Marvel Studios films and films made by other studios that are based on Marvel characters. Grow up.

          • Technofied

            c’mon doll, no harm has every come from being represented by an idiot, given that its on a stupid a** topic

          • well, be insulted, because Daredevil and Deadpool ARE Marvel movies. They might not be pie-fingered by Fiege in the same way, but a lot of the creative decisions are still put through the Marvel creative teams back at base. They’re consulted on much of the content, to the extent that you cannot argue they are not Marvel movies. Also, the logo comes up at the start of the film so go figure.

            I know he’s a troll, but he’s not wrong where you said he’s wrong. You’re just trying to make up your own imaginary categories (“this isn’t a Marvel movie because it’s not a Marvel STUDIOS movie” yea right.)

          • SAMURAI36

            I’ve always hated the whole “Marvel distinction” game people like to play. All of these are Marvel properties, regardless of the studio that creates each film.

            Also, each of these films has the big red “MARVEL” logo on them. And let’s not forget the fact that the general movie-going audience doesn’t know/understand/even care about the distinction. If it has that big red logo, then that’s all they care about.

            It’s only the online community that cares about those distinctions.

          • theClownPrinceOfTrolls

            its also no suprise that actors that appeared in both marvel and dc films have also had their marvels films they appeared in rated better then the one they appeared in for dc lmao.

            deadpool rated better the gl.
            dardevil rated better then bvs . (not my opinions just facts)

      • SAMURAI36

        Looks like whatever was said got deleted before I could get to it. Oh well.

        • Victor Thomas

          When he comes back let’s destroy this dude. Also what did you think of the ultimate cut for BVS?

          • SAMURAI36

            Well, the theatrical cut I gave a 9/10. The UC gets a 12/10.

            Not only is this the greatest CBM of all time, but if WB had released this instead of the TC, then not only would it have made well over $1B, but most of the debates and whatnot would never have happened.

          • Victor Thomas

            I give it a 8/10 man was i surprised. They really screwed up by not putting this version out, it’s so much more fleshed out. I was thinking we will get a few new scenes here and there that don’t mean much but those scenes were so important for the movie specifically the Superman and clark kent scenes from a character prospective it’s night and day. If this version came out it would have never got that critical backlash. I still hate the martha thing and even though I wouldn’t consider this lex, the UC really gave a true understanding to why they made him this way I can finally accept the DCEU again. It literally answered every question SMH, the UC even made Lois Lane 10x better. This is the biggest facepalm moment I ever had shame on WB.

          • SAMURAI36

            I’d say I agree with you on several points. If the UC was released in the theaters, then we’d all be dancing in the streets right now.

            I don’t have alot of grievances with WB, but this is definitely one: I’ve tried to make sense out of why they didn’t release the UC version, but I can’t find a single one. And for that, I’m extremely resentful.

            The UC is BVS, plain and simple.

          • Victor Thomas

            Now I’m a little scared because even Snyder commented about changing tone due to backlash when really it was people(me included) had a problem with the movie not the tone now we might get marvel esque Justice League I seriously don’t want that at all I just want the stories to be good and make sense which the UC took care of.

  • Anthony Patryn

    so we can all agree no on is talking about Tarzan?

  • Shu

    No, it’ll gather more buzz on media when driving people go nuts, replaying the bloody tragedy caused by Dark Knight rises in Colorado, 2012

  • Joey Wabi-Sabi

    Of COURSE it’s generating so much buzz. It’s a DC FILM that’s why. EVERY DC film will always out-buzz anything that Disney makes. DC has always been that way. Their characters are just so much more epic.