‘Superman And Lois’: Rachel Brosnahan Commends Elizabeth Tulloch On Final Season

The Lois Lane actresses unite!

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Every Lois Lane has to stick together! Rachel Brosnahan recently shared some kind words on Elizabeth Tulloch’s post about Superman and Lois‘ final season.

Elizabeth Tulloch has been doing a bit of a farewell tour as production on Superman and Lois comes to an end, posting BTS details about the show’s final season to social media. In her most recent post, Tulloch spoke about how lucky she was to play the character of Lois Lane before wishing Rachel Brosnahan luck in portraying the DC Comics icon in James Gunn’s Superman.

“How lucky am I, to have been able to inhabit this woman’s bones, and brain, and heart, for the last 6 years, 4 of which were on #supermanandlois,” Tulloch wrote in a recent Instagram post. “Lois Lane has been an icon for as long as Superman has because of her fierceness, her work ethic, her determination, her playfulness, her commitment to finding the truth no matter the cost.”

“Thank you to our wonderfully amazing cast – but mostly to @tylerhoechlin. My Superman,” She continued. “I am so grateful for your talent, your work ethic, and your commitment to making me laugh. I wish the best of luck to @jamesgunn and the rest of his cast and crew, and especially to @rachelbrosnahan – I’m sure you will be a wonderful Lois and I can’t wait to see what you do with the role. Have so much fun – I know I did.”

“I’ll be grateful til the day I die that I had these few years to wake up every day and be Lois. Lane.”

Rachel Brosnahan Sings Elizabeth Tulloch’s Praises

This touching note wasn’t left unseen by the cast and crew of Superman. DC Studios co-head James Gunn himself left a heart under the post celebrating the final days of Superman and Lois. Rachel Brosnahan had a bit of a longer message for Elizabeth Tulloch, thanking her for handing off the role of Lois Lane as the show’s final season wraps filming.

“Congratulations to the entire team,” Brosnahan wrote in a comment on Tulloch’s post. “And thank you for this lovely torch pass.”

Given reports indicate that Superman and Lois was canceled specifically not to interfere with James Gunn’s Superman reboot, these messages between Rachel Brosnahan and Elizabeth Tulloch can come off a bit bittersweet. However, it’s always nice to see actresses sticking together, especially ones as strong as those who play the formidable Lois Lane.

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