‘The Dark Knight’ Director Christopher Nolan Refuses To Comment On ‘The Batman’

And it makes total sense!

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Fans have been wondering what Christopher Nolan thinks of The Batman ever since it was released in theaters in 2022. However, The Dark Knight director reveals why he refuses to speak on the project.

The Batman was a truly transformative film for The Caped Crusader, with many considering it on par or better than Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. This led many fans to get curious about the director’s thoughts on the film. When he was finally asked about the project in an interview with Variety, Nolan revealed he doesn’t want to comment on The Batman, as it’ll be the only thing anyone focuses on in an article.

Of course, this article only serves to prove The Dark Knight director right. While his opinion on The Batman would certainly be interesting, Christopher Nolan had some sobering thoughts about the industry as a whole in the interview, calling out studios for mismanaging their films with the streaming rush hurting the industry as a whole.

“Part of the craziness with the labor negotiations this summer has been the studios sitting there and going, ‘Well, we can’t pay you because we don’t have enough money,’” Nolan says. “To which the answer is ‘Well, you don’t have enough money because you’re not managing your business correctly. You’re not getting the same amount of money for your product that you were before.’ The shift to streaming has disrupted the entire industry and created problems for everybody.”

The Future of Robert Pattinson’s Batman Series

The first movie ended with Batman apprehending the Riddler, who has flooded Gotham City, though details about Part II are currently scarce. Matt Reeves is co-writing the script of the sequel with Mattson Tomlin.

The heads of DC Studios recently revealed that The Batman: Part II is set to hit theaters on October 2025. The first movie earned $770.8 million at the worldwide box office, a figure that makes it the seventh highest-grossing movie of 2022.

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