‘The Fantastic Four’: Was LaKeith Stanfield Up For The Role Of Silver Surfer?

Was LaKeith Stanfield almost in the MCU?

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Was LaKeith Stanfield in the running to play the Silver Surfer? A new social media post suggests the star may have been in talks for a role in The Fantastic Four.

The internet had a mixed reaction to Julia Garner’s recent casting as the Silver Surfer in The Fantastic Four. Many are excited for a new take on the character, with Marvel finally bringing Shalla-Bal to the big screen. However, others were confused as to why the MCU would make such a large departure from the comics instead of just swapping Norrin Radd’s gender.

This Silver Surfer casting conundrum got even more confusing when LaKeith Stanfield, who many speculated would play the Herald of Galactus in The Fantastic Four, commented on Julia Garner’s casting. In a now-deleted post, the actor said “Thought it was going to be me but ig,” suggesting he was once up for the Marvel Cinematic Universe role.

A Secret Silver Surfer Swap

This post has led many to believe that LaKeith Stanfield was in the running to play Silver Surfer in The Fantastic Four before the role was likely passed on to Julia Garner. While Marvel is no stranger to having broad casting calls, it’s likely Stanfield would have played Norrin Radd, which would have required a much different script than the one that features Garner as Shalla-Bal.

The more interesting option plays on the rumor that The Fantastic Four will take place in a universe outside of the MCU. It’s possible that, while Julia Garner will be playing Shalla-Bal in the film, LaKeith Stanfield will be playing Norrin Radd, who will serve as the main Silver Surfer for the Sacred Timeline.

Of course, that’s pure speculation, but would explain why LaKeith Stanfield would state so certainly that the role was going to be his despite never having signed a contract for the role (at least, to our knowledge). Though whatever the truth is, it’s certain Marvel has plenty of surprises in store for The Fantastic Four.

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