‘The Penguin’: Colin Farrell Teases ‘Hard R’ Rating For DC Max Series

A truly dark rating!

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The Penguin just keeps getting darker and darker! Colin Farrell teases a truly violent DC Comics series coming to Max.

Fans are still cautiously optimistic about The Penguin series premiering to Max this fall. The show is a spin-off of The Batman with Colin Farrell reprising his role as Oswald Cobblepot on a whole new journey in Gotham City. According to Farrell, the series will be darker than fans expect.

“Oh, tons of violence, abject darkness and a man and a great struggle to try and claw his way to the top” Farrell told the HeyUGuys channel. “You know, there’s a power grab in Gotham now. It’s dark, man. Lauren LeFranc with her room of writers wrote eight extraordinary episodes.”

“I mean, just really, really bold stuff. I couldn’t believe that it got as dark as it gets….So that’s what to expect. It would be a Hard R I think…if it was in the cinemas”

This aligns with previous comments by Colin Farrell teasing that the show would be a dark journey through the power vacuum left in Gotham following the events of The Batman. It seems the Max series won’t just be a journey for Farrell’s version of the character, but a true transformation into the iconic character from DC Comics.

The Penguin Takes Over Gotham

For as much as people joke about Oswald Cobblepot, The Penguin is one of the most influential characters in all of DC Comics. The villain is the criminal mastermind behind most of Gotham’s illicit trades, and somehow manages to keep up with Batman himself despite being an old, overweight man.

Colin Farrell was able to bring The Penguin to life beautifully in The Batman, and it seems things won’t be much different once the DC series releases on Max this fall. The show isn’t just Oswald Cobblepot’s time to shine in a solo project, but will also likely set up the story for the upcoming sequel to The Batman.

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