New ‘Thunderbolts’ Set Photos Show Off Mysterious Prison Set

The Thunderbolts get high security!

Thunderbolts Movie Concept Art Marvel Andy Park

Thunderbolts may have just spoiled one of its biggest action pieces! Set photos from the upcoming Marvel film tease a mysterious supermax prison.

Despite the film being well into production, very little is known about the concept or plot of Thunderbolts. However, with set photos finally starting to find their way online, fans are finally getting a sense of what Marvel has in store for its oddest project in years. The newest leak reveals a new prison set being set up for filming in Atlanta, Georgia.

These set photos seem to show the exterior of the prison set teased in Florence Pugh’s Thunderbolts set video back in April. It remains unclear exactly what role the location will play in the upcoming Marvel film. However, it’s highly speculated that this will be the holding location of Robert Reynolds, aka The Sentry, prior to him joining the team.

Marvel’s Sentry Woes In Thunderbolts

Even though it’s never been officially confirmed by Marvel that Sentry would be joining the MCU in Thunderbolts, the studio has had a lot of trouble with the character leading up to production. Steven Yeun was originally attached to the role. However, Yeun had to leave the project earlier this year due to delays brought along by the Hollywood strikes.

Since then, Marvel has had its eyes on Austin Abrams to replace Steven Yeun as Sentry in Thunderbolts. Now, Lewis Pullman is taking over the role for Marvel. These set photos certainly show that something dangerous is on the horizon for Marvel’s suicide squad.

Thunderbolts is currently set to hit theaters on May 2, 2025. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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