UPDATE: Todd Lasance Will Be Playing The Rival In ‘The Flash’ Season Three

Earlier today, we ran a story from The Hollywood Reporter which claimed that Todd Lasance had been confirmed to be playing Savitar during The Flash‘s third season. As it turns out, the original story from THR was not accurate and was quickly corrected by Greg Berlanti via Twitter. Check out that whole ordeal here.

In a new story from a different source, TVLine has reported that Lasance will in fact be playing a villainous speedster (as we were already away from set images), but instead of Savitar he will be playing Edward Clariss aka The Rival. TVLine has an impeccable record when it comes to news about The Flash, so this claim is much more reliable. The Rival was the nemesis of the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick, and was introduced in February of 1949 sporting a winged hat just like original Flash. He was essentially Jay’s Reverse-Flash. However, the show’s version will be noticeably different, as it appears from set images he could actually be the Rival of Wally West in the Flashpoint timeline.

Along with The Rival, other villains confirmed for season three include Savitar, Dr. Alchemy, Mirror Master, The Top, and Magenta. So far Mirror Master, The Top, and Magenta have all been cast. Savitar and Dr. Alchemy have yet to be announced, and following the tradition of The Flash big-bads they most likely won’t be as the show enjoys shrouding them in  mystery.

Source: TVLine


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