‘Waller’: James Gunn Reveals Progress On Writing & Casting DCU Series

Is Waller in trouble?

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James Gunn is back debunking rumors once again! The director recently spoke on how far along his team is writing Waller for the new DCU.

Waller is one of the most mysterious projects in the new DCU. The show is set to follow Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller and was originally set to serve as a Peacemaker season 1.5 before James Gunn revealed that its timeline had been pushed back.

Recently a rumor popped up that Corey Hawkins, best known for his roles in The Color Purple and In The Heights, would be joining Viola Davis in Waller. James Gunn was quick to shut this rumor down, revealing on Threads that the DCU series isn’t even done being written, let alone begun the process of casting.

Who Could Appear In Waller?

While James Gunn may have shut down the idea of any new cast members being announced any time soon, that doesn’t mean fans can’t speculate who’ll be joining Viola Davis in the upcoming series. Waller is part of the DCU, meaning fans have a whole swathe of actors to choose from when speculating who may appear.

The most obvious choice for who could appear in Waller is Danielle Brooks. Not only did she co-star in The Color Purple with Corey Hawkins, but she also played a large role as Amanda Waller’s daughter Leota Adebayo in Peacemaker. It only makes sense for the character to return to her role in the new DCU.

With the show being described as a Peacemaker season 1.5 before the delay, it’s likely other members from the cast will appear in Waller as well. Jennifer Holland and Steve Agee are both confirmed to return as their characters in the DCU, making them perfect candidates for supporting roles alongside Viola Davis.

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