‘X-Men ’97’: Original Series Writers Reveal Disney Plus Episode Count

The episode count has been revealed!

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Original X-Men animated series writers Eric and Julia Lewald have revealed how many episodes the upcoming Disney Plus revival, X-Men ‘97 will have.

The 90s was a decade that saw what man would consider a peak in superhero animated series. From Batman: The Animated Series to Spider-Man, many millennials got their first introductions to these characters through these shows. One of the best and longest-running, however, was the X-Men animated series.

Airing from 1992 through 1997, the X-Men animated series is one beloved by fans and critics alike. The series adopted many of the comic’s iconic storylines including The Dark Pheonix Saga. The series eventually ended with Professor X leaving Earth after suffering a traumatic injury, entrusting the future of mutant-kind to the X-Men and an apparently redeemed Magneto. Then last year fans were met with a bombshell.

In November it was revealed that a continuation of the X-Men animated series was in development for Disney Plus with many of the series original cast members returning. Among the staff were original writers Eric and Julia Lewald who returned as consultants. While speaking to Justin Underwood, the couple revealed that the new series was set to debut on Disney Plus sometime in mid-2023 and that the first season would have roughly ten episodes:

“There is great love and affection and respect from an entire group of people that are doing this show, starting at the top with Beau DeMayo as the showrunner. And they have this challenge, I believe, looking at 10 episodes for the first season that’s gonna come out mid-next year, and they’re starting it soon after ours ended.”

You can see the full interview below:

The Witcher/Moon Knight writer Beau DeMayo is serving as head writer and executive producer of the new X-Men ’97 with original series writers Eric and Julia Lewald are consulting alongside director Larry Houston. The Disney Plus series is set to feature the return of X-Men voice actors Cal Dodd, Lenore Zann, George Buza, Adrian Hough, Christopher Britton, Catherine Disher, Chris Potter, Alison Sealy-Smith, and Alyson Court. The project also features the voice talents of Jennifer Hale, Anniwaa Buachie, Ray Chase, Matthew Waterson, JP Karliak, Holly Chou, Jeff Bennett, and AJ LoCascio.

X-Men ’97 is currently set to debut in mid-2023. Stay tuned for all the latest news surrounding the upcoming animated series revival and be sure to subscribe to Heroic Hollywood’s YouTube channel for more original video content.

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