‘Shazam!’ Star Asher Angel Seemingly Teases Role As Nightwing In James Gunn’s DC Universe

Is Asher Angel back in the DCU?

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Does James Gunn finally have his Nightwing? Shazam! star Asher Angel recently hinted at a new role in the DC Universe reboot.

For as many problems people have with Shazam! and its sequel, there’s no denying that Asher Angel truly pulled those movies together. His role as Billy Batson was one of the best in the old DC Universe. This left many fans bummed when it was announced that James Gunn would be pressing the “reboot” button, likely leaving the actor out to pasture.

However, Asher Angel may not be ready to leave the DC Universe quite yet. Following a recent interview where he discussed his experience on Shazam!, the actor seemingly teased a new superhero role with a GIF of Nightwing from Young Justice. Could this mean Angel is James Gunn’s pick for the original Boy Wonder?

Where Nightwing Fits In The New DC Universe

This idea may be entirely thrown out by some who wonder why James Gunn would cast Nightwing before finding his Batman. However, Brave and the Bold is far from the only project Asher Angel could appear in as the former Flying Grayson. A Teen Titans project has been confirmed for the DC Universe. And, given the project already has a writer, it may make sense for casting to have already begun.

It may also not be James Gunn who cast Asher Angel at all. Rumors have suggested that Robin would be making his debut in The Batman Part II. While current reports suggest casting wouldn’t take place prior to this fall, Asher Angel would be the perfect pick to act alongside Robert Pattinson in his own DC Universe. Then again, it’s entirely possible the Shazam! star is just messing with fans, and everyone is massively overthinking this!

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