Captain America Star Chris Evans Confirms Which Marvel Movie Was His Favorite To Be In

Chris Evans loves the classics!

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It seems even Marvel Cinematic Universe stars have their favorites! Captain America star Chris Evans has revealed which Marvel movie he’s worked on was his favorite.

In many ways, Chris Evans became the face of the MCU later in its life. While Robert Downey Jr. was always the first hero, Marvel fans attached to Evans’ performance as Captain America in a way few characters in any media can strive for. Evans also seems to love Marvel just as much as fans love him, recently defending the studio from accusations of putting out bad movies.

However, even if Chris Evans thinks that Marvel broadly puts out good movies, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t think some are better than others. In the same appearance at Emerald City Comic-Con, Evans revealed that his favorite MCU movie that he’s worked on is Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

“It’s my personal favorite Marvel movie that I was a part of. It’s not just for the movie itself but the experience,” Evans explained. “The first film, I was so nervous. You know what you’re stepping into and as a result you’re playing defense and you’re playing not to lose.”

“When ‘Winter Solider’ came around, we were playing to win. And it’s the first movie with the Russo Brothers. We were taking more risks, and the character felt more fleshed out. It was one of the more satisfying experiences I’ve had in my Marvel run.”

Chris Evans is far from alone in his love for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. While his love for the project comes from the risks they were able to take behind the scenes, many fans view the project as the best MCU movie due to the grounded and gritty tone compared to other Marvel movies of the time.

The MCU hasn’t had a chance to do a proper reinvention like Captain America: The Winter Soldier in a while. Marvel has been in a phase of expansion ever since Avengers: Endgame, introducing a bunch of new heroes with freshman outings galore. However, this hasn’t left much time for them to iterate on those heroes and really find out what fans love about them.

Recent comments by Disney CEO Bob Iger suggest that Marvel may be looking to recreate the success of some of its earlier films, focusing on core parts of their franchise instead of the novel approaches taken in recent years. Of course, this could backfire in ultimately making the MCU more formulaic, though only time will tell which outcome ends up happening.

Source: Variety

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