Chris Pine Responds To Negative Reviews For ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

Chris Pine defends Wonder Woman 1984!

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Was Wonder Woman 1984 really as bad as people say? Steve Trevor actor Chris Pine gives his thoughts on the negative reviews.

Wonder Woman 1984 was one of the most disappointing sequels in the eyes of DC fans. What was meant to be the fantastic follow-up to a strong first film ended up as a cluttered slog shoved out in the midst of a pandemic. However, not everyone seems to think so, with Chris Pine coming to bat to defend the film against negative reviews.

“I just thought, how powerful that there’s a superhero film that has nothing actually to do with destroying New York,” Pine explained in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Like, we love telling the revenge story, and Patty [Jenkins] was flipping the script on the whole thing and saying, ‘Woah, wait a minute, what about, like, forgiveness and compassion?'”

“And people bash the movie, and I think it’s because it didn’t play the part of what people wanted, which is like ‘Kill ’em! Kill ’em!’ And I love the film, so there!”

Chris Pine certainly makes an interesting point regarding how Patty Jenkins defied the superhero genre with Wonder Woman 1984. However, the director did so much more successfully in the first film as well, which is still beloved by DC fans. Though when it comes to negative reviews with films like these, there truly is no accounting for taste.

The Future Of Wonder Woman In The DC Universe

It’s a good thing Chris Pine loves Wonder Woman 1984, as it’s not likely Patty Jenkins will ever get the chance to continue her trilogy. A new report recently confirmed that Gal Gadot was out from the role of Princess Diana, which all but confirms that the studio will be taking the franchise in a new direction with their upcoming reboot.

Luckily for DC fans, Wonder Woman 1984 will be far from the last they see of the characters. Anya Chalotra set to play the Wonder Woman villain Circe in Creature Commandos, which will debut this fall. James Gunn and Peter Safran are also developing Paradise Lost, which is described as a Game of Thrones-esque story set on the island of Themyscira.

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