‘Wonder Woman’: New Report Reveals If Gal Gadot Will Return For DC Universe Reboot

Is Gal Gadot out?

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Is Gal Gadot out as Wonder Woman? A new report reveals if the actress will return to the DC Universe in the upcoming reboot.

Gal Gadot has been an odd figure amidst the DC Universe’s current reboot. Reports originally indicated that Wonder Woman 3 was cancelled, then Gadot herself said she would return, ending with a final article stating the entire Justice League was being recast. However, with James Gunn being almost entirely silent on the issue, fans were left wondering what the truth really was.

With the dust now settling on the new reboot, it seems the truth of Gal Gadot’s status in the DC Universe has finally been revealed. According to a new report by Variety, Gadot will not make her return as Wonder Woman in any future DC projects. The article does not state when or if the role will be recast.

Wonder Woman’s Future In The DC Universe

Even though Gal Gadot will not return to the role of Wonder Woman, that doesn’t mean the character won’t be present in the new reboot. In fact, her presence will seemingly be felt in the first ever project of the DC Universe, with Anya Chalotra set to play her rival Circe in Creature Commandos.

James Gunn and Peter Safran are also developing Paradise Lost for their upcoming DC Universe reboot. The series is set to be a Game of Thrones-esque story set on the island of Themyscira. Even though the character won’t be played by Gal Gadot, it’s almost certain that Wonder Woman will make her return in the show.

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