‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Star ‘Pitches’ Take On MCU ‘Fantastic Four’

"The Gang Takes On Doctor Doom"

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Fantastic Four MCU

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney “pitches” an idea for the MCU’s Fantastic Four.

Fan-casting certain comic book characters in film adaptations is one of the most-common things online fandom participates in. When it comes to the future of the MCU’s Fantastic Four, that’s no exception. That’s why when in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it was revealed that John Krasinski would play Earth-838’s version of Reed Richards, some felt it was too much of a wink and a nod to fans given that he was a common choice. However, given that it appears that Reed Richards in Earth-616 will likely be played by a different actor, some are sharing their pitches on who should take on these iconic roles. And in this case, an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star has a hilarious “pitch.”

Rob McElhenney, creator and star of FXX’s acclaimed sitcom responded to FANDOM’s Twitter that asks for people’s pitch for the MCU‘s Fantastic Four reboot, including who would direct the film, the actors cast in the iconic roles, and potential cameo. In typical humorous fashion, McElhenney shared some hilarious artwork depicting the primary cast of the series in the four main heroes, and even their archnemesis Doctor Doom. He also throws out the idea of having Werner Herzog direct the film:

As you can see, Rob McElhenney would be playing Reed Richards, his wife/co-star Kaitlin Olson would be Sue Storm, Charlie Day would be Johnny Storm, Dannny DeVito would be Ben Grimm, and Glenn Howerton would play Doctor Doom. Interestingly enough, the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast actually look the parts in this poster!

For real, this cast should have MCU roles.

The cast of the series, which is on track to become the longest-running live-action sitcom in television history are supremely talented and worthy of joining the MCU. While Danny DeVito is by far the most popular member of the cast, his comedic timing and unique screen presence would be fun to see in any role. Also, Glenn Howerton has circled at least one role in the past, given that he was the second choice to play Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy had Chris Pratt not accepted. Howerton in particular became a particular favorite amongst Fantastic Four fans as a candidate to play Reed Richards, which would be an inspired choice to say the least.

20th Century Studios’ previous Fantastic Four movies are currently available to stream on Disney Plus. Stay tuned for all the latest news surrounding the future of the MCU’s take on Marvel’s first family, and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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